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zlata Jun 7

I'm busy and staying away from the current economy because I'm tired of it, I've given up hope of it getting better, and my next PC build is on hold for now, cryptocurrency has literally become propaganda, and while distancing myself from it has given me mostly peace of mind, it still gives me an equal amount of uncomfortable ignorance about how things have evolved and are still evolving, I fear that I will not be part of the revolution that many internet bots aspire to and will be left behind, my best thing is that it is falling since I am not invested, that is all. What do you guys think? Personally I think it's just money transfer, a new way to donate basically, and it's not what people imagine it to be, I would destroy its existence if I could, the current system is pretty bad but represents the end product to the world is either an unrealistic flawed design or an "ingenious" violation of one of the basic operational flaws of society and profit from it while hiding the long-term consequences and the true image of virtual currencies.

Vlad Jun 7

Bitcoin is not going to be a long-term coin... It's too expensive. ADA could be now. If I recall, there was more ADA than ethereum in one day, the commission was about 5000 for the entire ADA market, and several million for the ethereum market.

In terms of energy consumption ADA is also about 30-40 thousand more energy efficient than BTC.

Den Jun 7
NFT is gaining a lot of popularity right now. Probably more people already know about some NFT monkeys than about bitcoin itself and I am not talking about mining or steaking. When I started to dive into the world of cryptocurrencies, there were only few ways to earn money, and most of the people learned about it from informative articles like this one. At that time nobody heard and didn't know about NFT. But now everyone who is not lazy to create their own collection of NFT, and this despite the fact that the bitcoin price can fall to 25 thousand.