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emmapacino Jul 27

AVG antivirus software may appear tricky to the users for handling the procedures associated with the software this mainly happens because AVG antivirus runs on various advanced and updated technologies and also the software comes with a lot of advanced features associated with it. The users of the software are often seen in trouble when it comes to the basic procedures associated with the workings of the software.

But these troublesome situations can be dealt easily with the help of the trained and certified team of technicians, it is best to connect with the technical team for help if it is about AVG update procedure or if it is about AVG activation process, reading here carefully would help the users with the understanding of the procedure to be followed for the upgrade of AVG free to the full version.

In most cases, upgrading happens automatically if the user goes to the official AVG website and pays there for the purchase of Avg.Com/Retail subscription of his choice. But it sometimes happens that the AVG plan doesn’t upgrade on its own after the payment in such a scenario the user should follow the below-given steps:

The user should log in, the AVG ZEN account if the AVG ZEN is not installed on the system then the user should, first of all, get that installed further should get registered by creating an account on that and then should log in.

Then the user should click the option “connect” given at the top of the Window.

From there the user can choose as per convenience out of the two options those are “create a new ZEN network” or connect with an existing one.

The user should enter the AVG account login details that are the email and the password and should then click “connect.”

After following the above-given process the Www.Avg.Com/Retail ZEN will be able to recognize the purchased subscription and thus the AVG antivirus will be upgraded to the full version and will be activated for working towards the safety and security of the computer in concern.

If other than this the user ever feels the need of any type of help with the workings of the AVG antivirus software then, in that case, it is advised that the software connects with the team of trained and certified technicians sitting at AVG support number also they can be contacted through live chats and emails.

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