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devna Dec 15 '21

Get a free VIN check with our service

The characteristics of the car are determined by the frame number with the VIN code. The presence of a unique number makes it possible to get information about:

the release date of the car;


engine and body type;

the basic configuration with which the car went on sale;

general characteristics of the machine;

the type of automatic transmission switching.

Get a free VIN check with our service.

A 17-digit number is divided into three parts containing certain data. The first part provides information about where the car was assembled (Japan, Russia, Germany and other countries), the second - about the technical characteristics, and the third - about the manufacturer.

The body number makes it possible to determine the model of the car.

Suitable spare parts.

Using the body number allows you to find original spare parts designed for a specific vehicle. For this purpose, specialized resources are used that collect information on cars using a VIN code.

Services on such sites require payment. The code is entered in the appropriate line and the automatic selection of suitable spare parts is performed.

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