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sdbfsteel Jul 28

  Welded steel pipes refer to steel pipes with seams on the surface that are welded by steel strips or steel plates that are bent and deformed into round or square shapes. The billet used for welded steel pipe is steel plate or strip steel.

  Welded steel pipe are seam steel pipes, which are produced by bending the tube billet (steel plate and steel strip) into a tube of the required cross-sectional shape and size by various forming methods, and then welding the welds by different welding methods. The process of obtaining steel pipes. Compared with seamless steel pipes, welded pipes have high product accuracy, especially wall thickness accuracy, simple main equipment, small footprint, continuous operation in production, flexible production, and wide product range of the unit.

  Square stainless steel welded pipe production process

  1. Steel plate inspection: Before the steel plate used to make welded steel pipe enters the production line, the whole plate ultrasonic inspection is first carried out;

  2. Cutting: Milling the edges of both sides of the steel plate with a milling machine to achieve the required steel plate width, parallelism of the plate edge and groove shape;

  3. Pre-bending: Use a pre-bending machine to pre-bend the edge of the plate, which meets the requirements of curvature. If the thickness is larger, a press can be used to pre-bend.

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