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Nalin Jul 28
TOP 5 favorite boy characters

Among the themed parties for boys, the most popular are superheroes, pirates and everything related to adventure and active games. Children love theme pirates as they love to be the super hero they like especially at birthday parties and they really keep calculating the remaining days for their birthday by using how old am i calculator now finally the time has come.  Below is a list of the most frequent heroes of children's parties. 

1. Star Wars.

Animators dressed as the famous Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and Master Yoda will turn the party into a galactic adventure. The birthday boy and his friends will be able to feel the role of the Jedi saving their planet from attack. Jedi robes and lightsabers will turn the boys into the heroes of their favorite movie.



2. Spiderman.

Spider-Man's popularity cannot be overshadowed by any of the new superheroes. It seems that a simple boy Peter Parker, who has received super-abilities, will forever remain one of the most striking characters. Many cartoons and films have been filmed about his adventures.

What child has not dreamed of meeting his hero and trying on his costume? All of this can be done at a Spider-Man themed party.



3. Batman.

Another superhero. A little dark, but strong and bold. Usually he guards only his hometown - Gotham City, all the more surprising it will be to see him as a guest at a children's party. He will be able to tell the children how to come up with a superhero name, help to catch the villain and introduce his friend Beth Girl. Baman will prove that you can save the world and still remember to have fun.



4. Iron Man.

Inventor, philanthropist, billionaire, man in an iron suit, one of the Avengers. Every child knows him. A party with him will definitely be fun and will be remembered for a long time. Children will be able to meet their hero live, play and take a picture with him as a keepsake.



5. Pirates.

Pirates are the ones who know exactly how to have fun. Yo ho ho and a bottle of lemonade! We raise the flag and set off for an adventure. All children will be able to feel like part of the Jolly Roger team, wearing pirate hats or even a blindfold.



Any of the themes will be perfectly played by our professional animators. All these characters are most demanded in boy birthday parties. 

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