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Exalted Orb is a high-value Path of Exile currency that plays a crucial role in the in-game Trade systems. Since the POE does not have a strict PoE Currency , the players can obtain the desired equipment through the exchange. It is difficult for the two gears to reach the equivalent value in many cases, making the transaction difficult. Due to the low drop rate of Exalted Orb, the Value is relatively high, and the inflation rate is flat. For some high-value equipment, material players are exchanged into Exalted Orb and then transferred into the Currency or equipment they need. Become the main Currency of trading between players.

How to improve the chance to see the Exalted orb ?

Exalted orbs can be dropped randomly from creatures, boxes, etc. in almost any area; I don’t think they are limited to maps or other higher-level areas. The easiest way to increase the chance to see a exalted orb drop is to kill more monsters, open more boxes, and hand over more stones.

You can also get exalted orbs from certain divination cards, including abandoned wealth dropped in Arsenal and vault maps, harvest accumulators that can be placed in the belly of level 1 and level 2 beasts, harvest and vault maps. Farming in those places may ostensibly increase your chances.

I think it’s also possible to get a exalted orb from the fortune of the augury emperor, which provides 5 times the monetary value, but it will not fall naturally.

Exalted orb is also the main currency used for trading high-value goods. Knowing which combinations of attributes can make an item valuable, and then paying attention to whether these items have declined for you may lead you to find items that can be traded with exalts. Most players with more than one cult reputation can get them through trade.

How to collect Exalted orbs?

There are few ways to obtain PoE Exalted orbs. You can craft Exalted orbs from shards and fragments, listed below:

20 Exalted shards can be combined into one Exalted orb;

12 parts of The Hoarder can be combined into one Exalted orb;

10 parts of The Saint’s Treasure can be combined into two Exalted orbs;

5 parts of an Abandoned Wealth can be combined into three Exalted orbs;

7 parts of Alluring Bounty can be combined into ten Exalted orbs;

5 parts of Emperor's Luck can be combined into five pieces of a random currency (including Exalted orbs);

The second way to create Exalted orbs is Vendor recipes. You can downgrade Mirror of Kalandra into two Exalted orbs, five Regal orbs, and one Divine orb, but it is not valuable because of Mirror of Kalandra being the rarest currency in the game (which makes it high-priced). The third way is to farm Glided Fossil from Azurite mine. You can gain “Item sells for much more to vendors” buff for your Glided Fossil and get one Exalted orb from selling it to a vendor. The fourth way is to loot Exalted orbs as a drop from slaying monsters and opening chests, destructible and containers like Arcanist Strongboxes. Yes, Exalted orb could be dropped from the arcanist chest! And the last way, which is the easiest and non-time consuming, is to buy Exalted orbs on Overgear from our verified and trusted traders!

How to Farm Exalted Orb From Divination Cards Trading?

There are 5 Poe divination card recipes that allow you to get the Poe currency called Exalted Orbs. The divination card will fall during the cultivation process, and may also fall from a special hiding place on the slope. After collecting the required number of cards, they can be exchanged at the supplier in each town. The recipe is as follows:

12 x The Hoarder give you one Exalted Orb

10 x The Saint’s Treasure are equal two Exalted Orbs

5 x Abandoned Wealth give you three Exalted Orbs

7 x Alluring Bounty give you ten Exalted Orbs

5 x Emperor’s Luck - drops random type of currency (it includes Exalted Orbs)

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