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Freshwater Tax is a team of proactive and experienced accountants and tax advisors offering financial management services to individuals and businesses. We offer a full suite of accounting and tax services in Florida, but we also have a diverse clientele spread across the US and beyond its borders.


Tax and accounting are complicated matters that are best left to professionals. Freshwater Tax is on hand to help individuals and businesses with tax advisory, planning, and accounting services. Our advisory services ensure that you and your business stay compliant with your jurisdiction's various tax rules and regulations.


Our Tax Advisory services

Freshwater Tax is your trusted financial advisor you can trust for tax-efficient strategies that minimize your liability.Tax Accountant Valrico  consultants work closely with your business to advise you on financial tax and preparation measures, both short and long term.


Our tax advisory services include:


●    Corporate Tax Services

We understand that a business owner has lots of responsibilities to fulfill, which is why we can prepare and file accurate and timely tax returns. Our experts also help you minimize risk exposure by staying compliant with the applicable legislation.


●    Personal Tax Planning

We aim to optimize your tax position with sound and practical advice. We can assist you with financial planning on a regular basis, apart from year-end accounting services.


●    Estate Planning

Our estate planning services include:

  1. Planning wills.
  2. Facilitating transfers between the family.
  3. Taking advantage of exemptions to lower inheritance tax liabilities.


●    IRS Dispute Resolution

Freshwater Tax is your trusted name to get you out of any conflict with the IRS. Our experts can conduct an internal audit to ensure all your books and operations are up-to-date and compliant with legal provisions.


●    Tax Planning and Preparation

Our financial advisory services help you to benefit from tax incentives and credits to lower the tax burden on you and your enterprise.

Staying compliant with the local, state, and federal tax regulations can be challenging for all of us. Tax laws, with their complicated language, are quite voluminous and ever-changing. As a reputed CPA firm in Tax Accountant Seffner, Florida, Freshwater Tax can efficiently manage all aspects of individual, corporation, and family taxation.


Tax professionals at Freshwater Tax hold expertise in tax filings, estate tax planning, multi-state filings, and audit representations. We also make you aware of any tax reforms and changes in compliance; however, our most important function is to lower your tax burden and help your business take advantage of our tax-saving strategies.


As an entrepreneur, we know that you don't have the time to look after the financial nitty-gritty of your organization. Freshwater Tax has the tax expertise to manage your business financials and family wealth efficiently.


Our Areas of Expertise


●    Tax Consulting, Tax Preparation, as well as Planning

●    Accounting and Bookkeeping

●    IRS Dispute Resolution

●    Accounts Receivable Management

●    Accounts Payable Management

●    Payroll Management

●    QuickBooks Set-up and Management

●    Business Consultancy

●    Business Valuation

●    CFO Services

●    Formation of a New Company

●    Mergers and Acquisitions


What does our Tax Planning and Preparation Cover?

Our tax planning and preparation services encompass the following:


●    Business Tax

We leverage our knowledge and expertise to lower your business tax liability.


●    Income Tax

Our experts find the right investment choice for you, which lowers your taxable income.


●    Estate Tax

We organize your assets to protect your wealth for the next generation.


●    Retirement Tax

We help you preserve the money you've earned by minimizing the taxes you owe post-retirement.


Hire the Best Tax Accountants in Seffner, FL

Freshwater Tax offers the best CPA services assisting companies across Florida in all areas and at every level of business growth. All our Tax Experts Seffner, FL specializes in one of the following areas: tax expertise, accounting, or auditing.


Get in touch with us today and book a session to discuss your business or individual tax requirements. For a free consultation, call 1-917-744-1175.

Freshwater Tax provides unparalleled services to businesses as well as individuals through years of dedication and professional tax management. We embody the principles of professionalism and high-quality services that help businesses navigate through complex tax challenges.


Over the years, our firm has developed a niche in tax advisory and accounting with bespoke services to each and every client of ours. We treat every single client with the utmost respect and dedicate our resources to them personally. Our high standard of services is what differentiates us from other CPA in Lithia firms. From bookkeeping and payroll management to tax advisory and filing, we take up every financial challenge faced by your business and turn them into opportunities.


Tax specialists at Freshwater Tax can help you with a number of financial services. Our full range of accounting and CPA services include:


●    Federal and State Tax Preparation and Filing

●    Corporate Tax Planning

●    Accounting and Bookkeeping

●    Payroll Management

●    IRS Representation

●    Business Valuation and Consultancy

●    CFO Services


Many of our clients rely on our fast, responsive and professional advice when it comes to the financial aspect of their business. We help large and small businesses alike to grow and make profits every financial year. With years of hard work, dedication, and serving with passion, we've come to be the top accounting and CPA firm in Lithia and Florida. We demand the highest standards of performance from ourselves.


We also offer our advisory services based on real-time insights to facilitate informed decisions by our clients. Our accounting experts love to continually leverage their financial expertise and technical knowledge for the benefit of our clients.


Whether you need accounting services, tax advisory, compliance, or a business formation requirement, specialists at Freshwater Tax can fulfill any and all of these issues for you. 

As the best accounting and CPA agency in Riverview, Florida, we focus on filing your tax returns and adhering to mandates so that you can focus on scaling your business. We've curated our highly-personalized services to accord you with the peace of mind to keep your business operating smoothly on a daily basis.


Tax specialists at Freshwater Tax can help you with a number of financial services. Our full range of accounting and CPA services include:


●    Federal and State Tax Preparation and Filing

●    Corporate Tax Planning

●    Accounting and Bookkeeping

●    Payroll Management

●    IRS Representation

●    Business Valuation and Consultancy

●    CFO Services


Why Do Clients Love Our Services?


Over the years, experts at Freshwater Tax have garnered a reputation for themselves for providing the best CPA in Riverview and accounting services in Riverview and Florida. Our clients love our services with a collaboration that spans years.


●    Accuracy

Accuracy in tax filings and accountancy services.


●    Prompt Services

Timely preparation of all financial statements to avoid any legal mishaps.


●    Comprehensive Experience

Our team of experts has decades of experience in helping clients overcome complex financial regulations with accurate and timely tax filings and accounting management services.


●    Versatile Services

Whether you're a large corporation, a small business, or an individual, our versatility in CPA, accounting, and tax services enables us to deliver results to each and every client.


●    Expert Advisory

Our business management consultancy and tax advisory services are designed to maintain a productive atmosphere in your organization where you can focus solely on operations, knowing that our proficient professionals manage your finances.


Our experts can also efficiently forecast the future parameters in tax reforms that could affect your business. Subsequently, we devise the ideal plan that helps your business to navigate through such obstacles and function seamlessly. 

All accounting and advisory services carried out by the senior accountants at Freshwater Tax are delivered passionately with our client's success at the very helm of our modus operandi. We minutely create a personalized tax strategy for each and every one of our clients and tailor our accounting and advisory services to suit their varying business needs. Through the two decades of our working experience, we've gained an immaculate understanding of the financial environment surrounding businesses. Our tax specialists are well-versed with local, state, and federal tax laws to support your organization to overcome complex financial challenges.


Tax consultants at Freshwater Tax are equipped with vast knowledge and expertise on managing corporate finances of businesses located in the South Shore area. We fulfill and go beyond your expectations with accurate and efficient accounting and advisory services.


Industries We've Served

Over the years, we've served passionately for businesses engaged in the following industries:


●    Investment and Finance

●    Retail

●    Real Estate

●    Healthcare

●    Education

●    Government

●    Manufacturing and Distribution

●    Technology

●    NGOs and nonprofits


An Accounting Firm Driven By Accomplishments


For every client that trusts us with our South Shore CPA In South Shore, we strike a balance between their present financial requirements and any future contingencies with a sustainable action plan. Keeping an eye out towards the future has become necessary for all businesses as they continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing market.


Our sustainable accounting and compliance strategies help your business to stay a step ahead of your industry. Our endeavor is to have long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and deliver them success on every front. When you hire Freshwater Tax for CPA services, we stay by your side through different phases and stages of your business evolution. We're one of the best and the most seasoned veterans in managing taxation, accountancy, compliance, and payroll services in the Florida and South Shore area. 

From the time Freshwater Tax was founded two decades ago to the present day, we've achieved a peerless footprint by serving clients throughout the West Coast and across the US as their strategic financial partners.


Our primary services include transparent audits, tax preparation, planning and filing, payroll, and other advisory services related to the financials of your business. Over the years, we've also gained a strong foothold in estate planning, wealth management, economic advisories, risk management, and compliance. We're dedicated to serving local businesses and entrepreneurs in the FishHawk area with bespoke accounting and advisory services.


We're one of the largest and the most successful CPA firms in Florida and the West Coast, with a bouquet of clients who are engaged in diverse niches. While we locally serve businesses in the FishHawk area, our clients enjoy being part of a larger network of businesses spanning throughout the country, which readily shares resources among them.


Our experts have vast experience of the business and financial landscape in FishHawk, which is leveraged to assist clients in smoothening their operations and meeting all the compliance mandates. Tax specialists at Freshwater Tax deeply understand the importance of your time and money, which is why our CPA in FishHawk are designed to keep your business operating smoothly and free of financial obstacles.


Freshwater Tax also serves businesses in adjacent areas like Valrico, Lithia, Riverview, South Shore, and other cities in Florida.


Achieve Financial Success with Freshwater Tax

Operating a business today is more challenging than ever before. You've kept up with the changing market, laws, compliances, competition, and the demand of your customers. Freshwater Tax takes on the burden of managing your internal and external finances to deliver greater convenience to you so that you can focus on scaling up your business.


CPA experts at Freshwater Tax create personalized, long-term solutions for our clients so that they thrive in a highly competitive and regulated market. 

A business owner has to own up to many challenges that present themselves in a complex financial market. Every business owner knows the importance of maintaining accurate books of accounts but is seldom able to devote the time and resources needed for accountancy or bookkeeping. This is where Freshwater Tax steps in to save you valuable time and effort and focus on the operational aspects of your business.


Tax specialists at Freshwater Tax have slowly and steadily built their reputation of providing businesses with greater financial control, freedom, and management through expert CPA In Riverview. We focus on accurate and honest accounting and bookkeeping that acts as a catalyst for your business growth.


Whether you're a small business, mid-sized organization, or a large enterprise, Freshwater tax can help you with all your tax and accountancy issues.


Why Trust Freshwater Tax For CPA Services?


Multiple benefits await your business when it hires Freshwater Tax for accountancy, payroll, bookkeeping, and other CPA functions.


●    Reliable Team

We have an expert team of accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll professionals who can be trusted to manage your books expertly.


●    Streamlined Workflow

We fully understand the challenges of running a business. Our financial planning experts set up and maintain a workflow that aligns with your objectives and keeps your financial books accurate.


●    Experience and Expertise

Managing the finances of a business can be an overwhelming prospect for owners. Our comprehensive experience and masterful expertise in accountancy keep you ahead of all compliances.


●    Save Resources

By hiring Freshwater Tax for your financial management, you can become more efficient and focus on growing your business while we solve accountancy and tax challenges for you.


●    Peace of Mind

Rest assured that your business is taken care of by taxation experts with fully updated and accurate books of accounts. 

Tax accountants at Freshwater Tax have spent the last 20 years to power businesses in the US to achieve financial success and operate smoothly. We've helped clients to withstand the great recession in late 2000 and the global pandemic recently, which has transformed our professional association with them into a long-lasting relationship. By supporting businesses through these turbulent years, we have been ahead of all the regulations and taxation trends to support our clients with highly efficient accountancy and advisory services.


Our Services


Freshwater Tax is a full-suite CPA In Apollo Beach that has served businesses in the Apollo Beach area efficiently. Our extensive range of services include:


●    Business Tax Compliance

Corporate taxation is an ever-evolving and complex landscape that requires expert intervention to keep up with them. Our taxation services ensure compliance with all financial mandates governing your company and timely filing of accurate tax returns.


●    Tax Preparation

Senior accountants at Freshwater Tax help your business with tax planning and strategy so that no financial or legal hurdles present themselves unexpectedly. We resolve all tax issues that pertain to your business, from tax planning and quarterly filings to equity compensations and other financial compliances.


●    Tax Strategy

Experts at Freshwater Tax are here to optimize your tax procedures and compliances with accurate deductions and timely reminders of all filing due dates.


●    Bookkeeping

Our accounting specialists can maintain honest and accurate books that present the true financial picture of your business. We can also leverage software tools and online platforms for efficient bookkeeping.


●    Business Formation

We help start-ups get off the ground running with easy tax management and compliance services. Our services are also tailored for small businesses that are looking to expand, grow or scale up their operations.


●    Due Diligence

If your organization is due for a merger or acquisition, our experts can inspect your books to ensure everything is in order and to validate your company's financials. We also conduct attestations like reviews and audits for our clients. 

Welcome to Freshwater Tax, full-service accountancy and CPA firm providing its valued financial management services to businesses in Lithia. We offer tax filing, consultancy, and auditory services to businesses of all sizes. Our highly proficient tax specialists have helped perfect the financial compliance procedures of local, state, and nationwide businesses through our financial services.


Freshwater tax's accounting and advisory experts know how every business needs unique and dynamic solutions to thrive in this highly competitive market. With such exclusivity, the need arises for a personalized approach specific to every business when it comes to accountancy and financial advisory services. That's why Freshwater Tax experts are seasoned in serving diverse industries with immaculate financial know-how and highly professional services. Based on your organizational goals and business environment, our tax specialists identify and resolve all financial and compliance requirements that your company needs to meet.


Over the years, we've served passionately for businesses engaged in the following industries:


●    Investment and Finance

●    Retail

●    Real Estate

●    Healthcare

●    Education

●    Government

●    Manufacturing and Distribution

●    Technology

●    NGOs


Our Commitment is Towards Your Business Success

The fundamental philosophy that drives Freshwater Tax professionals is relentless work ethic and a hard will to achieve our client's priorities.


Our core values include quality, accountability, and integrity in everything we do to bring value to our client's businesses. In our two decades of comprehensive experience as the topmost CPA in Lithia, we've come to realize that being a trustworthy financial partner is as crucial as having robust experience and expertise. As Freshwater Tax continues to deliver success to new businesses, we strive for a more enriching, rewarding, and mutually beneficial collaboration.


We also hold a priority towards educating our clients in matters of accounting and taxation so that they can also be self-sufficient during unprecedented times. 

Employee management can become a hassle, especially if you're a small business with not enough time and resources to fulfill payroll compliances. This calls for an experienced payroll management partner who you can trust.


Payroll professionals at Freshwater Tax make sure that all the paychecks in your organization are precise and paid on time to all your employees and staff members. With Freshwater Tax, payroll management gets easy along with any and all of your tax requirements. Our accountants can also take on the challenge of keeping up with federal, state, and local payroll tax laws and filing payroll tax returns on time. You can rest easy and manage the operations of your business while we take care of all the legal, tax, and other financial complications for you.


Our services confer numerous advantages to your business:


●    Hard-earned experience of payroll administration for all diverse businesses in diverse industries

●    Efficient Audits to secure your business

●    Proficient in managing Tax and ACA Compliances

●    Customer Support services for a lifetime

●    Experts in Legal and Financial Consultancy


Personalized Payroll Solutions for your Business


At Freshwater Tax, we know the hurdles that entrepreneurs could face in payroll processing and the tax filing mandates that are associated with it. South Shore Payroll Services are designed for the maximum satisfaction of your employees and ensure that your business stays clear of fines and penalties. The custom payroll administration services by Freshwater Tax can ease all the financial burdens off your shoulders.


Why Outsource Payroll Services to Freshwater Tax?


●    Dedicated Customer Support

Your customer support staff is available 24x7 to help you overcome any obstacles so that your business doesn't have to stop.


●    Full-Suite Payroll Services

We offer full-suite payroll services, including new hiring reporting, employee benefit programs, and other HR functions.


●    Scalable Solutions

Trust Freshwater Tax to craft scalable solutions for you that evolve along with your business.  

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