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Precision optics are optical parts that are designed for specific applications. This type of optical engineering can influence several features of an optic, including its focusing, polarizing, and filtering properties. It can also be integrated into interferometry and other scientific equipment used in the life sciences. These optical components are typically made from glass substrates, and are often used in measuring and testing equipment. In addition, precision optics manufacturers provide optomechanics, which are components that increase the performance of an optical system in a specific wavelength range.custom optics manufacturer

The company has a diverse portfolio of optical components, and specializes in micro-optics and 3D imaging. The company offers a complete suite of optical services, from new product concept to mass manufacture, including design, regulatory, fabrication, and inspection. With advanced in-house manufacturing capabilities, global sourcing, and high volume inspection, Precision Optics has the experience to meet the most demanding customer needs. This is why it is considered a world leader in the industry.

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The company's latest investment comes from private equity firm Anania & Associates Investment Company, which is focused on investing in Maine-based companies. Peter V. Anania will join the Precision Optics board of directors. The Lighthouse Imaging management team includes Tom Snyder, Chief Technology Officer Benjamin Gray, and Robert Austring. In addition to Anania and Associates, Precision Optics' recent financing comes from the acquisition of Lighthouse Imaging, which is a privately-owned medical imaging company.

Precision Optics Corporation is a vertically integrated optical imaging company focused on micro-optics and 3D imaging. The company offers services from new product concept through mass manufacture. The company's design and fabrication capabilities are cutting-edge, and it utilizes the advanced technologies of its Ross Optical division to produce and test products globally. Besides manufacturing specialized medical products, Precision Optics also provides innovative solutions to meet even the most challenging customer requirements.

The acquisition of Lighthouse Imaging will also help Precision Optics' market position in the medical field. The company will continue to provide optical instruments for medical applications. The company also intends to incorporate the technologies of its two sister companies. Ultimately, this will allow the company to expand its customer base and expand its product portfolio. The companies will have an enhanced ability to serve customers with custom and mass-produced products. These innovative products will enhance the quality of health care and other industries.

The company has completed its acquisition of Lighthouse Imaging, a private equity firm that focuses on Maine-based companies. The acquisition also enables Precision Optics to develop custom products for the medical market. The company's capabilities in optical systems enable it to create innovative solutions for complex problems. Consequently, its customers are able to see and understand the information they need to improve the quality of their lives. So, if you are looking for the right optical components, look no further than the brand of Precision Optics.

Founded in the late 1980s, Lighthouse Imaging leverages its unique optical imaging electronics and systems engineering to assist medical device companies in developing next-generation applications. Its revenue for the 12-month period ended June 30th, 2021, was $4.5 million and EBITDA was $232,000; 66% of revenues came from engineering and the rest from production activities. The company's management team consists of four members: CEO Thomas Snyder, Chief Commercial Officer Robert Austring, and Chief Technology Officer Benjamin Gray.

Founded in 1995, Precision Optics has been a vertically integrated optics company. Its products include ophthalmic devices, surgical instruments, and medical devices. The company focuses on medical instrumentation, 3D imaging, and micro-optics. The company manufactures endoscopes, lenslocks, and other innovative products that enhance the quality of life. In the future, it plans to use its in-house design capabilities to develop next-generation optical instruments.

precision opticsIn addition to their optical instruments, Precision Optics also designs and manufactures state-of-the-art medical instruments. With a patented technology called Microprecision(TM), these innovative instruments are built using state-of-the-art optical technologies. The company's innovative medical instrumentation portfolio includes the Lenslock(TM) laparoscope and 3D endoscopes. This innovation is a major part of the company's future.