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There is QOL built into RuneScape to RS gold stop having to spend hours doing things that actually should only be done after. I like needing to amass a knife and shed a list space for it, I enjoy having the ability to travel the world on a whim with no half my stock being taken up by teleports. I like having my run run out since I spent a couple hours on agility. The QOL is a huge factor for me and it is difficult to lose it all when enjoying OSRS. The skilling at RS3 is much faster, and a whole lot more afk than OSRS. I really don't heavily delight in skilling, therefore it being fast and more afk allows me to do other things and make progress faster than I could playing OSRS. In addition to this, I can work without feeling like I've wasted who knows the number of hours getting there, towards the content I really enjoy.

The battle system of RS3 is the very best part of RuneScape for me personally, especially endgame bossing (that I needed to ability to reach). I'm not the ideal PVMer, but I love being challenged to discover the best DPS rotation and combination of teams and perks to work with. I adore a boss that takes 3 + people working to conquer, vorago. A supervisor that can challenge you with rewards, Additionally telos. In RS3, you can have armor along with a weapon and if you're good at it, you can out-perform somebody in armor and a weapon that is t90. I like that I can do something based on my skills and expertise, and get rewarded for it.

I actually don't really care. I played RS2 in my teenagers (mid-30s now) mainly because I was interested at the botting facet. I really got into playing RuneScape once RS3 came out. Because it was closer to what I'd played when I was younger, playing OSRS tried first, but I was turned away by how much time it took to walk to areas. It felt as though I spent more time walking than I did actually doing anything, and I am an adult with a lot happening, so it felt like I was wasting a lot of my free time never actually getting to play RuneScape.

Only although I play with a little OSRS prefer RS3's combat considerably more. To me personally it is engaging and there's some skill involved. A whole lot of OSRS players determine how simple it say combat all is the fact that and is to afk something. Well gwd1 is old obsolete content of course it's easy today since it isn't the best lvl pvm such as cheap OSRS gold it still somewhat is in OSRS. Another principal issue is eoc was complete shit when it first came out and people think it is still the same and shit discuss it actually logging in to see it's very different from when it premiered. Both games have advantages but for me the battle in OSRS is just dull afk for everything.