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I once binged played for nearly 18 hours a day, for seven days. The whole thing was over at the end of my senior year. My runescape account bunny_mgl was removed from the game. I also sold OSRS Gold the game items on eBay. After three years of dedication, i was one the most wealthy players on the field. looking back at the things I did and how i missed out and i wanted to commit suicide. I was so angry at my parents for erasing my work, and for treating me as a jerk. my only friend was on the game.

My teacher suggested that I go to the nurse at school. She recommended me to a psychiatrist. We spoke for 30 minutes and I was admitted to a mental facility in a police vehicle. When i revealed to the psychiatrist that I purchased five Extacy pills and was contemplating over-dosing on the pills and she was able to agree.

This isn't the only person in runescape who has lived like this. Runescape has such a bad reputation that it requires you to play for about 10 hours each day for a month or more, to complete one skill. JAGEX also hired Psychologists to help make the game more addicting, so that they can remove from a million people just five dollars per month. The game is being used by approximately 150-300 000 players each month. This game is played by anywhere between 100 to 200 thousand players at any given time.

I would like to see other players be rescued from this kind of game. This is why I ask big corporations to stop making these games addicting and time-consuming.

Jagex hasn't kept their user-friendly policy up to Buy RS Gold date for too long I believe. If they change the policy, the community upon which it is based will change as well. A new policy is therefore needed. In order to be efficient the policy (or filter or filter, as I prefer to refer to it) must be dynamic. If the volume of feedback increases, Jagex needs to filter out additional feedback to use only the information that is valuable. Jagex is a victim of this issue.