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But first i need do tree gnome village quest. Also, i don’t have 43 prayers. Check out the sal's guide. It talks about OSRS Gold wearing prayer love. Do I really require that? There is a lot of information that has been written on poison, so it is important to have a lot of poisonous pots. Notice that i posted it on Runescape Discussions. Can someone transfer it to Questions? *

Okay, basically today I was walking around with my broomstick which I hadn't used in a while and I noticed that jagex updated it as well in the animation pack. they made the bottom of the broomstick a much darker colour and one aspect that I find amazing is the exaggerated strut the way you walk. It's like you're sweeping while you walk. I find it pretty cool. The broomstick is now much more attractive than it was before. I can't look forward to the next pack of animation.

"Woah dude How did you create this animation?" This was a simple task, I didn't have to fix tiny mistakes. It's not difficult. First, I downloaded screen recorder. In this instance I used hypercam. However, I've heard that Camstasia is superior. It didn't work for me when I tried it. It's over.

Next, make sure to select the record area of the screen recorder. This will allow you to record the things you are interested in recording. In my instance I was walking. Then save the video in a format that windows media can open. Next, open windows media player and load the video.

Now it's time to get boring. Go frame-by-frame and duplicate every image you like. Then save the frames into Cheap Old School RuneScape Gold paint. Save all pictures as numbers in a sequence. For example, first frame 1, save it as 1, second frame 2; and so forth.

I am trying to determine the best location for OSRS Gold my house portal to be placed so I can travel around in runescape. The house will not be used to train for any skill. Please don't ask me any skilling advice. I'll be moving to work however this is just a temporary request.

It is known that 2 portal chambers have 6 locations for teleporting.. Add in the glory amulet to get 10. Each home teleport will cost 300 coin. I'm not a believer in specific item-based transportation methods for this purpose...ex ectophial. lyre..etc...

And i use lunar so just a teleport tablet would be required... But there is ....some other way i thought of work with my purpose such as a spirit tree, gnome airway magical carpet...etc... With that in mind... i can't seem to conclude which one of these locations is the most beneficial for this purpose...

My choice of portal chamber: falador, varrock, canifis, camelot, argougne,watchtower... i think these will give me the manimum coverage for the poh itself. Not to mention I still need to choose my spirit to grow and that's another complexity.

The location of the portal for Poh: Yanille, based upon my config..this could be very redundant. Brimhaven(karamja): the only way that Cheap Old School RuneScape Gold might be in conflict is glory...definitely not when my spirit tree is in this area. Relleka: It's difficult to enter this portal without miscellania...