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After only a few messages, Jagex discovered that RS Gold I was indeed the owner of the account. After I had left my account, it was not impressive, it contained only a few million, a few pieces of barrows armour as well as various items of armour and weapons along with a large bank packed with objects and quest items. It also had moderate level stats, ranging from levels 40-90.

When I was connecting my email on my account, setting up recovery questions, and the JAG guardian feature, writing new passwords, my mind was wandering over what my account would appear when I signed in. I was expecting little, really. Similar numbers, but without a full bank, filled with what I thought would have been Gp-sellers.

Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. I joined an account with extraordinary quantity of money. approximately half of the skills were at 99, and all of them were over 80. I've not even accessed (my?) bank due to it not having a pin, but I can tell you that the worth of the character was wearing was 544 million. This included a ''drygore' weapon, as well as other items of equipment. The account also had recurring membership (I had to cancel it).

In the moment, I don't have an clue what I should do. Personally, I have no emotion attached to the game , account or even the pixels. I'm sure it was my account first and that I was the one who initiated the game and managed to get it all the way to level 100 combat However, the idea that the person who was able to gain access to into my account put in so much time and effort into the account, most likely more than I did, is a sham, and makes me feel pretty guilty for having my account retrieved out of curiosity. If you're reading this now are you able to offer any ideas?

I'm about to receive another chaotic and was wondering which one would be more useful first. In the moment, I'm choosing between the chaotic staff and the chaotic maul. I have already got a long and rapier and I'm happy to use the ee offhand for that. I own SOL as well as RS 2007 Accounts a wand of treachary/grifolic orb. I also have BGS. BGS.

For starters, some general information: I've heard told that OSRS Gold Dragonrider buys at half the ge price... But go for Bandos however. It's a steal at the moment. (~6m per Chestplate and the Tassets) You can work towards getting a Slayer helmand then attempt to upgrade that to the T70 version, using your Slayer points.

For your query about stab/crush/slash weapon, let me explain the ways that weaknesses in monsters are triggered using an example. Steel dragons can be weak to Water spells. What this means is that you'll have the maximum precision when using Magic (Water spells specifically.)

Similar to that, if the monster has a weak ability to Crush like Jadinkos Crush, that's a sign that melee is the best way to attack them, and Crush is the most effective style. In contrast, Range or Mage will suffer from lower accuracy. (Although at higher levels, your gear tends to be good enough to make it a small distinction.)

In conclusion, keep your Dragon scimitars, and don't buy different melee weapons. They're sufficient for all things that are not suited to melee. Likewise, stick to dual wielding ranges and magic. It's likely that you don't possess anti-fire potions, so avoid dual wielding. Also, dual wielding allows the use of a shield and the Rejuvination/Resonance abilities.

As with the elemental spells. Personally, I have many elemental runes stashed up, so I always just use the weakness of the monster. It's your choice, however the chances are you'll hit it well with air spells.

If you're playing in EoC Then you shouldn't require protection prayers very often. The healing capabilities of Rejuvenate, Guthix's Blessing Ice Asylum as well as Regenerate when coupled with Cheap RuneScape Gold some low-cost food items are generally sufficient. Don't spend money on these if you don't want to make use of Soul Split, Turmoil, or the Zealot increased normal prayers.