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The whip has a higher performance than OSRS Gold the BGS in terms of performance, and if you really want a weapon upgrade get one of the CCR. Ghouls are okay xp for your level, manageable with just a few lobsters, I used to utilize ghouls prior to slayer.

I know your isn't asking for a tool advice thread, but it is possible to use barrow gloves. They were mine at battle level. They're not that hard. The regen brace doesn't do anything. Don't be fooled into thinking that you're not playing the quest because of the requirements. I have completed all of the requirements and they were extremely easy to get.

So, what's the matter? I've got a personal training space that very few people utilize. I've only found one guide for it and it's on a separate fansite. They're known as Zombie Monkeys, and they're found on Ape Atoll. You'll find them below their monkeys. Then, here's what you'll need to learn:

A useful weapon to train with. Whips for attacking, and a Sara Sword for strength, I'd say that would be suitable for you. An excellent set of armor in terms of prayer bonus. Proselyte rather than barrows, though if something like a soulwars cape and a bandos, that's also a possibility to be considered.

A salve-like amulet. Ideally (e). This is one reason why this is great for xp. Teleport to an atoll of apes unlocked or a teleporting to Buy RuneScape Gold an altar before returning to ape atoll (ardougne cloak works well as it also has the ability to pray). Lots of prayer potions, a holy wrench, combat familiars that give you the kind of exp you're after.

Agreed with above, but make a lot of money, might be able to OSRS Gold spend the majority of your time earning money. The process of making money is extremely difficult make on f2p, unless you stake (Which is not easy to acquire kills but it is possible to make millons per hour).

It's really down to personal preference. Magic is the only one that sticks out. Other skills can be learned much more easily in member areas, anyway. I waited for a long time before becoming a member because I was convinced that my level of combat and abilities weren't enough to be worth the cost. Membership isn't only for high levels, but.

If you're looking to cut costs, you should take a break, since freeplay still has things to provide. But don't go for it if you're going to start thinking of it as an chore due it. I'd suggest that when freeplay becomes less fun/as fun, get membership.

Then cannon any task that you think is worth it or for tasks that you aren't (or in the case that you're like me and want combat XP) utilize piety using prayers and super-sets or whatever other prayers are available (which is why you use proselyte or neitiznot legs for the prayer).

A normal slayer's helm has Face Mask, Nose Peg, Spiny Helm, and Black Mask like arham said. To make it a full Slayer helm, you'll have to include a Focus Sight as well as a Hexcrest to Cheap RuneScape 2007 Gold your Slayer helm. Master the general rule for Slayer is to just use your top master, however should you desire the fastest points, then you can perform 9 tasks using Mazchena (sp? ) or the demon in Canifis, and then do your 10th tasks using your master who is the best available (Sumonawith).

The odds of getting whips that are within OSRS Gold the 75-125 kill range is a possibility, not tipacal, but it is possible. You have more of a possibility of getting it within a range of 1-540 kills. However, it is possible to not receive one. Also, if you ask someone about why they train slayers, it's almost always because of the huge drops. For instance, whips derived from abby deamons, sol from ice strykewyrms, etc.

Even if they kill for those drops , the majority of their revenue won't come from them especially when it comes to ice wyrms. they can drop amazing amounts and the SOL is merely a small bonus. The 1:540 is the average dropping (mite be 520, can't remember) however, it's a result of players submitting the number of kills they have to take to achieve a whip. and yes, it is possible to be into your range, however it's not the rate of drop.

Helm of Neitiznot This is a decent balanced helm. the helm of Torag or Verac if you're looking for greater defensive stats or a fighter hat for offensive statistics (about similar stats to the Rune full-helm, but bonus points in attacks like Stab, Slash and Crush attack styles)

Guthans Plate - Good, Fighter torso gives an attractive Strength bonus. it's also an option for those who can't afford Bandos however I'm still not sure of this, but I'm assuming that Torag's (and Dharok's) provides slightly better defense and is costing 650kish, so it's well worth it in my opinion.

Your current setup is okay However, I'd suggest something that isn't going to degrade. Dragon Platelegs with Buy RS Gold Fighter Torso, for example. Dragon Platelegs aren't very expensive, while it's the Fighter Torso only costs a few hours to acquire. Or Bandos armour if you're a very wealthy player.