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After only a few messages, Jagex discovered that RS Gold I was indeed the owner of the account. After I had left my account, it was not impressive, it contained only a few million, a few pieces of barrows armour as well as various items of armour and weapons along with a large bank packed with objects and quest items. It also had moderate level stats, ranging from levels 40-90.

When I was connecting my email on my account, setting up recovery questions, and the JAG guardian feature, writing new passwords, my mind was wandering over what my account would appear when I signed in. I was expecting little, really. Similar numbers, but without a full bank, filled with what I thought would have been Gp-sellers.

Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. I joined an account with extraordinary quantity of money. approximately half of the skills were at 99, and all of them were over 80. I've not even accessed (my?) bank due to it not having a pin, but I can tell you that the worth of the character was wearing was 544 million. This included a ''drygore' weapon, as well as other items of equipment. The account also had recurring membership (I had to cancel it).

In the moment, I don't have an clue what I should do. Personally, I have no emotion attached to the game , account or even the pixels. I'm sure it was my account first and that I was the one who initiated the game and managed to get it all the way to level 100 combat However, the idea that the person who was able to gain access to into my account put in so much time and effort into the account, most likely more than I did, is a sham, and makes me feel pretty guilty for having my account retrieved out of curiosity. If you're reading this now are you able to offer any ideas?

I'm about to receive another chaotic and was wondering which one would be more useful first. In the moment, I'm choosing between the chaotic staff and the chaotic maul. I have already got a long and rapier and I'm happy to use the ee offhand for that. I own SOL as well as RS 2007 Accounts a wand of treachary/grifolic orb. I also have BGS. BGS.

For starters, some general information: I've heard told that OSRS Gold Dragonrider buys at half the ge price... But go for Bandos however. It's a steal at the moment. (~6m per Chestplate and the Tassets) You can work towards getting a Slayer helmand then attempt to upgrade that to the T70 version, using your Slayer points.

For your query about stab/crush/slash weapon, let me explain the ways that weaknesses in monsters are triggered using an example. Steel dragons can be weak to Water spells. What this means is that you'll have the maximum precision when using Magic (Water spells specifically.)

Similar to that, if the monster has a weak ability to Crush like Jadinkos Crush, that's a sign that melee is the best way to attack them, and Crush is the most effective style. In contrast, Range or Mage will suffer from lower accuracy. (Although at higher levels, your gear tends to be good enough to make it a small distinction.)

In conclusion, keep your Dragon scimitars, and don't buy different melee weapons. They're sufficient for all things that are not suited to melee. Likewise, stick to dual wielding ranges and magic. It's likely that you don't possess anti-fire potions, so avoid dual wielding. Also, dual wielding allows the use of a shield and the Rejuvination/Resonance abilities.

As with the elemental spells. Personally, I have many elemental runes stashed up, so I always just use the weakness of the monster. It's your choice, however the chances are you'll hit it well with air spells.

If you're playing in EoC Then you shouldn't require protection prayers very often. The healing capabilities of Rejuvenate, Guthix's Blessing Ice Asylum as well as Regenerate when coupled with Cheap RuneScape Gold some low-cost food items are generally sufficient. Don't spend money on these if you don't want to make use of Soul Split, Turmoil, or the Zealot increased normal prayers.

The whip has a higher performance than OSRS Gold the BGS in terms of performance, and if you really want a weapon upgrade get one of the CCR. Ghouls are okay xp for your level, manageable with just a few lobsters, I used to utilize ghouls prior to slayer.

I know your isn't asking for a tool advice thread, but it is possible to use barrow gloves. They were mine at battle level. They're not that hard. The regen brace doesn't do anything. Don't be fooled into thinking that you're not playing the quest because of the requirements. I have completed all of the requirements and they were extremely easy to get.

So, what's the matter? I've got a personal training space that very few people utilize. I've only found one guide for it and it's on a separate fansite. They're known as Zombie Monkeys, and they're found on Ape Atoll. You'll find them below their monkeys. Then, here's what you'll need to learn:

A useful weapon to train with. Whips for attacking, and a Sara Sword for strength, I'd say that would be suitable for you. An excellent set of armor in terms of prayer bonus. Proselyte rather than barrows, though if something like a soulwars cape and a bandos, that's also a possibility to be considered.

A salve-like amulet. Ideally (e). This is one reason why this is great for xp. Teleport to an atoll of apes unlocked or a teleporting to Buy RuneScape Gold an altar before returning to ape atoll (ardougne cloak works well as it also has the ability to pray). Lots of prayer potions, a holy wrench, combat familiars that give you the kind of exp you're after.

Agreed with above, but make a lot of money, might be able to OSRS Gold spend the majority of your time earning money. The process of making money is extremely difficult make on f2p, unless you stake (Which is not easy to acquire kills but it is possible to make millons per hour).

It's really down to personal preference. Magic is the only one that sticks out. Other skills can be learned much more easily in member areas, anyway. I waited for a long time before becoming a member because I was convinced that my level of combat and abilities weren't enough to be worth the cost. Membership isn't only for high levels, but.

If you're looking to cut costs, you should take a break, since freeplay still has things to provide. But don't go for it if you're going to start thinking of it as an chore due it. I'd suggest that when freeplay becomes less fun/as fun, get membership.

Then cannon any task that you think is worth it or for tasks that you aren't (or in the case that you're like me and want combat XP) utilize piety using prayers and super-sets or whatever other prayers are available (which is why you use proselyte or neitiznot legs for the prayer).

A normal slayer's helm has Face Mask, Nose Peg, Spiny Helm, and Black Mask like arham said. To make it a full Slayer helm, you'll have to include a Focus Sight as well as a Hexcrest to Cheap RuneScape 2007 Gold your Slayer helm. Master the general rule for Slayer is to just use your top master, however should you desire the fastest points, then you can perform 9 tasks using Mazchena (sp? ) or the demon in Canifis, and then do your 10th tasks using your master who is the best available (Sumonawith).

The odds of getting whips that are within OSRS Gold the 75-125 kill range is a possibility, not tipacal, but it is possible. You have more of a possibility of getting it within a range of 1-540 kills. However, it is possible to not receive one. Also, if you ask someone about why they train slayers, it's almost always because of the huge drops. For instance, whips derived from abby deamons, sol from ice strykewyrms, etc.

Even if they kill for those drops , the majority of their revenue won't come from them especially when it comes to ice wyrms. they can drop amazing amounts and the SOL is merely a small bonus. The 1:540 is the average dropping (mite be 520, can't remember) however, it's a result of players submitting the number of kills they have to take to achieve a whip. and yes, it is possible to be into your range, however it's not the rate of drop.

Helm of Neitiznot This is a decent balanced helm. the helm of Torag or Verac if you're looking for greater defensive stats or a fighter hat for offensive statistics (about similar stats to the Rune full-helm, but bonus points in attacks like Stab, Slash and Crush attack styles)

Guthans Plate - Good, Fighter torso gives an attractive Strength bonus. it's also an option for those who can't afford Bandos however I'm still not sure of this, but I'm assuming that Torag's (and Dharok's) provides slightly better defense and is costing 650kish, so it's well worth it in my opinion.

Your current setup is okay However, I'd suggest something that isn't going to degrade. Dragon Platelegs with Buy RS Gold Fighter Torso, for example. Dragon Platelegs aren't very expensive, while it's the Fighter Torso only costs a few hours to acquire. Or Bandos armour if you're a very wealthy player.

I'd also suggest working to improve your stats. Not just combat but skills as well. Because it's a waste of OSRS Gold time when a keyer opens the door and realizes that you're required to cut vines , but you're not at the required level of skill, therefore you need to call one person to help you with this door. Sometimes they'll forget to bring an instrument. This can also save time. The combat aspect. I'm talking about mostly Strength/Defence. Only Strength for the door to the force bar and other rooms where it is required. Later, you'll be able to defend, so you'll wear better armuor/tank more monsters.

You must also realize taking time to become proficient in this area each dungeon is different so it requires different methods to tackle it. In the new version, I think it's going to be easier than before. Since if you find the hooded 125+ team w/ 90+ Dungeoneering that is performing occult floors, that will help. You'd then have to make a deal with the person doing floor 38. Because that was the only floor you could leave.

I'm aware that my Dungeoneering ability is less than yours/you might more quickly than I could, but I think this is a good idea and has some sense to it. There are many little aspects to remember when you key, such as locking doors or taking the ggs off, etc. But it does take a long time, and I'm sure if yo keep working on the issue, you'll find it.

It's true, but thanks for the assistance anyway, and the reason to be keying is for goal of finding teams easily on 148 with no prejudice to combat. 130's+ i'd stop keying after 3bo (unless everyone is absolutely keying and there is a consensus that I could use to key)

I'm constantly in poor groups... Sometimes, it takes a while to teleport to a door. Sometimes , the person fails to Buy RuneScape Gold announce what he has gated, or it takes a long time to teleport. The majority of the time there is no one to listen to pots being made, or when I request to gate like that, they sometimes there is also a gd. It is still a challenge to master the art of skilling in 148. I cannot trust teams in 148 therefore i simply do dungeons by myself, (moving ggs everytime, playing keys and running them around etc). ...)

When cooking food, you stand a risk of burning it - the bigger your cooking temperature is less likely to do so. Additionally cooking range might decrease your chance of burning food by 5percent. To maximize your experience gain during leveling, players must cook food that he doesn't consume anymore. This will reduce the amount of ingredients needed to RuneScape Gold achieve a level less while also reducing the cost of earning experience.

In the beginning of your journey of learning all the skills in RuneScape it's worth the effort to undertake tasks that earn you experience with the ability you're about to master. When you are at level 1 and you'll use up the majority of the food that you make it is a huge time squander. There are two extremely short quests that will get you to level 10 in cooking: The Cook's Assistant and Gertrude's cat. If you complete them, it will be a great way to save time.

If you're looking to begin getting leveled while cooking food, you can do that too however it's much longer than the quests. Between levels 1-20 we cook Sardines and you'll need to create around 120 of them (without burning) in order to reach level 20. Sardines are an substitute for Shrimps. To begin, simply fill your tank with Sardines, click on your fish , then on the fire and cooking will be automatically started for each subsequent fish.

In this level gap, the most suitable fish to cook is one of the Trout. These can be caught using fly fishing in Barbarian Village in Varrock or even near Lumbridge Castle. If you're a beginner player and don't have money, you can go there using an axe, and a open tinderbox. Near the fishing area, players will drop uncooked Trout because they are speedleveling fishing. You can pick it up in the area, ignite the fire and cook them there. If you're in cash it's better to buy the Trouts at Grand Exchange and cook Trout at Rogue's Den or Hosidius House. You will need around 130 Trouts that have been cooked properly for level 30.

Like Trouts Like Trouts these by walking into Buy RS3 Gold Barbarian Village for free which is where they are dropped upon by the other player. In order to cook them to 50, it will require around 1000 cooked Salmons and will take few hours.

After you reach level 10, you'll be able to RS Gold go towards Draynor Village. Although it is a first course that could lead to injury if you fail an in a challenge, food won't be needed since you can recharge your hit points faster than you risk hurting yourself.

To begin, go to Draynor Village and find Agility icon on the minimap. You can to get there, you must leap from the rooftop. Alternately, there is an Al Kharid course at level 20+. This will allow you to get slightly increased xp, but as it is not worth the trip, we recommend continuing to train in Draynor up to level 30.

In Varrock Agility Course training you don't require food. Bring with you some stamina potion if you wish to never stop running during this course as you'll be running out of energy occasionally. Similar to the procedure before, you have to look for an Agility icon on the minimap and start by pressing the wall when you get there.

At the point you reach level 40 you'll be able to start the with the Canifis Agility course. This one is very special because it is the smallest Agility Course that takes a couple of seconds to complete. The majority of the participants remain in this area until they've completed their Graceful Outfit since it's the best location to farm it. It is an excellent course , you might want to move to the next course when you're more interested in the experience rather than Marks of Grace.

This is the most effective area for you to build your Agility ability at a lower level if you want to gain the most hours of experience. But there's a downside: you won't receive any Marks of Grace since it isn't Rooftop course. Because it's at the edge of the Wilderness it is imperative to not bring anything valuable (including Grace Outfit pieces) It is only food, stamina potions and Summer Pies - you might be killed by pkers who are eager to runescape account for sale make a quick buck on you. Pies of summer are required to raise your Agility level from 47 to 52 since it is the highest level that permits this course.

By defeating ghosts of said brothers players can receive generous rewards in the form of Barrows gear as well as gold coins, runes and OSRS Gold many other valuable items. This miniature game is regarded as one of the most effective money makers since it doesn't require high skill levels and can reward players with an abundance of rewards. If you're interested in learning more about Barrows make sure you go through our OSRS Barrows Guide.

Nightmare Zone (Safe). This minigame , also known as NMZ is where you'll take on all bosses from previous quests that you've fought during your journey in the realm of Gielinor. The more quests you've completed the more bosses you are able to fight in this area. Begin by heading into Dominic Onion near tower located east of Yanille. It is also the ideal location to practice your melee fighting skills so be sure you check out the Nightmare Zone guide where we detail the specifics of this event. As a reward for Nightmare Zone you can choose different items, herbs, and upgrade your equipment.

Pest Control (Safe). It is a minigame played by teams meaning that you'll have to work together to achieve success. In the Void Knights' Outpost you can choose to get into one three boats, which represent three different difficulties: easy medium and hard. Once a certain number of players are seated on the boat they're teleported to an island, which is populated by insects.

Participants must take down said pets and shut down all four portals which let them spawn. In the same time they have to protect Void Knight who stands right in the middle island. If NPC is able to survive and all portals are locked, players will be rewarded with specific tokens that will be used to purchase extremely useful Void Knight sets and weapons.

Barbarian Assault (Safe). At the Barbarian Outpost you can challenge yourself to a group comprised of five players. You'll need to take on many enemies, including the Penance Queen to receive a reward in form of Honour Points.

Temple Trekking or Burgh de Rott Ramble (Risky). In this minigame, you're given a group of potential Myreque recruits from Paterdomus from Paterdomus to Burgh de Rott. The task isn't easy as you'll also need to defend them from predators while guiding them around the dangers of Morytania. At the endof the game, you'll be rewarded with OSRS Boosting minor rewards like herbs or seeds and you may also receive a books of knowledge.

Ok I have to admit that this is my favorite one because usually pickpocketing is extremely limited in MMOs However, it appears that Jagex decided to OSRS Gold Buy put an end to MMOs notorious habit of throwing Rogues' abilities that aren't combat-related under the rug. You can however start pickpocketing master farmers (located on Draynor, Farming Guild, Varrock, Zeah and Ardougne) after you reach 38 Thieving skill level. Even though it's not cost effective, at very just at 50th level of Thieving as the moment you reach this level, you'll get access to rogue outfit which doubles your pickpocketing loot made up of seeds (amongst the most sought-after seeds are the ranarr-themed seeds).

To streamline the whole process trap them in fences , and then spam pickpocketing. Include some food items with you as unsuccessful pickpocketing attempts can result in three points of damage. We recommend completing Ardougne Diaries (Hard) at certain points for a 10% more thieving power and keeping a seedbox in your inventory to uh keep seeds.

In the time they take, are, clues could earn you many gold. Contrary to what many say, don't begin with the easy clue scrolls. Instead, you should get moderate ones once you've reached a 30-40 combat levels. Although clue crates may drop nearly anything, they are less absorbing money making methods for beginners. That's why our suggestion against scrolls that are easy to find.

It's more of a tip than straight up step-by-step instruction as it requires creativity and some type of entrepreneurship from the player. So as we all know massive groups of people are traversing popular mines and killing zones each day, year round.

The majority of people view this as an obstacle but cunning minds here in RSorder prefer to view it as a one-of-a chance, especially for players at a lower level - powerminers and group farming players usually leave behind a lot of debris (like ore nuggets of iron) because it's unwise to Old School RuneScape Gold throw away junk when you are striving to maximize your gold per hour ratio from rare drops. For us - scavengers it's a fantastic way to earn gold . All you have to do is go to a place that is famous for its huge amounts of fertile soil and take what's left. There's no expertise, equipment, or membership required.

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