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I think with all these people being max everything now, I market that's rich af new ability or RuneScape Gold level 120 slayer level are required. New market A host and receptive world pvp was just cool. Individuals being nerds and playing 24hrs doing camping the pathing stains did destroy it though. Stuff like this I would really like to see simply keeping in touch with how players feel, servers that are new idea for your league and more of though. I believe. As a side note it was cool playing essentially RS3 using all the new abilities and everything but it felt like it must of had the OSRS dev team behind it idk if it did but it was awesome.

I chose fire making, crafting, as skills required to improve on and runecrafting. Crafting guild is almost useless where people use it, and requires development. Fire manufacturing does not synergize to gameplay that is meaningful and is useless ability in OSRS. And runecrafting is dull and last update was blood songs back in 2017 I believe. Would love to see a runecrafting minigame or guild. I like that thought. They could introduce ways to boost a flame you have made so that it can cook superior versions of your food which could heal more or impart some small secondary effect (faster run recharge or buffed hp recover?).I Really Don't Believe I Could play OSRS anymore

I don't think I can play with with OSRS anymore. I have a whole lot of rpg's and rpg's to play. And doing barrows, although making money and mining is an incredibly enjoyable semi afking game, and is very enjoyable, its really calm. I simply don't find it quite fun anymore. Especially the slayer and the combat component of Runescape. I'm level 90 and its not quite enjoyable the rng facet of slayer. I really dislike hitting 0's. You grind several hours Runescape and I don't see how its fun that you hit 0 after so many hours and such a higher level.

And I've watched youtube videos of characters greater level than me and they still hit 0. It's a great game. Quests and everything. I don't know the way the battle is supposed to be enjoyable. In every other match when you attack what you deal rent some harm. When you say you're level 90, what level is 90? Are you combat level 90?

There is much more effort necessary to reach the game in OSRS than all of Runescapes you've recorded. However its so so much more rewarding. I've played all these Mmo's you have listed, and nothing compares to having a fat drop or reaching a goal you've set in OSRS. And its true im. How is doing slayer and hitting multiple 0's in a row pleasure? If you do not locate doing slayer fun do not do slayer.

It is possible to afk train combat stats up wherever you want, preferably a monster like fire giants or even moss giants in which they have high hit points but low shield. Even NMZ is an alternative, but if you do need to try and continue playing OSRS, play it your own way, not the way everyone else enjoys too. Or drop it and enjoy other games and spend more time. At the end of Buy Old School RuneScape Gold the day it is your life and you can spend it doing whatever you need, as long as you are enjoying it.
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