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The new month means new creatures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. December is coming, and new fish, bugs and other marine life will also appear on the island. Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will look forward to more than just holiday events and gifts. December will also bring some new bugs, deep-sea creatures and fish to the player's island.

The northern hemisphere is already in winter in December. Compared to the southern hemisphere, only five fish have been updated in the northern hemisphere. Except for Stringfish, any other fish can be caught at any time of the day or night, and they are concentrated in rivers and oceans.

If you want to catch up with Stringfish to earn more Animal Crossing Gold, you must seize the time because it is really worth it. You can use Nook Miles Tickets Buy to cross the mysterious island and enter any time to do the mission.

In the southern hemisphere, sharks will enter the ocean for the first time. These creatures are easily found by fins in the water.

Many of these fish are active at night, so players in the southern hemisphere should plan some late-night fishing trips to catch them all. It is a good idea for sharks to make and use as much bait as possible to increase spawning, thereby increasing the chance of players getting involved in rare fish.

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To get mussels in Animal Crossing, you need to put on a wet suit and dive into the sea to fish. There are many different marine creatures that can be caught. It may take several fishing attempts before you catch a mussel, but the mussels can be identified due to their small shadows and slow movement.

You can find Turkish Japanese food including mussels by visiting the residents at home. They will be happy to exchange the fish of their choice with the player, which may be easier to obtain if it turns out that fishing for marine life is difficult. There are many ways for players to buy Cheap ACNH Items, mainly because of different efficiency, timing and platform are also very important.

How to get squid in animal crossing Mussels were found in animal crossing by diving, and the squid was found by fishing in the sea with a fishing rod. They are relatively common marine creatures, so you can fish without bait. As with mussels, this process may require trial and error, because you may catch other marine life before the squid is found, but you will eventually catch it.


You can also talk to other residents to make transactions, and they will provide you with all the ingredients for the Turkish festival recipes you need. They will also remind you of secret ingredients you can use to mess with Franklin's recipes.

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Recently, I have been addicted to Animal Crossing and found many animal villagers in the game. Today, I will introduce some of the most popular villagers in Animal Crossing. Let's see if there are any you like!

Each villager is very cute and has a personality, but because Their appearance and personality are different, so their popularity is also different. In the latest Animal Crossing, five villagers are beloved, and other animals must have overwhelming popularity. If your favorite villagers or other items are rare in the game, then in order to improve your efficiency, you can choose to Buy Nook Miles Tickets from the ACBellsBuy site or directly purchase ACNH Items to help you get them quickly.

1. The lover of dreams - Raymond

There is no doubt that Raymond is currently one of the most popular villagers in Animal Crossing, and its popularity has reached an astonishing level. Its uniqueness lies in its unique recognizable different pupil, the left eye is green, and the right eye is brown. In terms of personality, Raymond is also a gentleman in the game. He is polite and friendly. As long as he is not a grumpy villager, he can basically get along with him. However, it is worth mentioning that although Jack is very popular among players, he is not a rare villager, and he can be obtained by swiping it a few times.

2. Mature women-Ms. Judy

The popularity of Judy and Raymond fully proves that in the new version of the mobile version of the game, Judy is a mature lady (but the mantra is "you can do whatever you want in a dream"), and Judy's whole body is fan blue and purple The composition of the fur creates a pleasant gradient effect. Secondly, she is also very interested in style and fashion. She often talks about the appearance and dress of other villagers. For those who like to gossip about other villagers, she is a perfect choice.

3. The grumpy brother - Octavian

The following villagers can be regarded as the old villagers in the Animal Crossing series of games. Octavian's original body is an octopus. In Animal Crossing, the villagers' chances of discovery are random, but compared to the octopus, The probability of getting to cats or other land animals is much higher. Octavian can be said to be a very rare existence in Animal Crossing. There are only 3 species in Animal Crossing. In addition, considering Octavian's grumpy temper, combined with the red glow His appearance undoubtedly adds more cute and evil elements to him.

4. The Queen of Egypt - Ankha

Ankha can be said to be a veteran-level village name, and it has been online for many years. Her uniqueness lies in her well-designed appearance, which is largely influenced by ancient Egyptian culture, making her an iconic villager in the local game version. Ankha is arrogant and hard to be friends with people. She is also obsessed with makeup and gossip. Other villagers often judge people by their appearance. Like other arrogant villagers, Ankha gets along better with those people. Due to lifestyle and character reasons, Ankha It is difficult to make friends with those casual and lively village names.

5. Cute boy - Marshal

Marshal is a narcissistic boy, probably related to his profession (designer), and his personality is also courteous. Due to his profession and character, Marshal likes to talk about himself with other people. This may be why he is easy to get along with lively and arrogant villagers. Outgoing is his endorsement. But Marshal is very sensitive. If you do something wrong in the process of understanding, he will become passive and it is difficult to open his heart. But once you become friends, he will bring you very friendly!

The above is the introduction of five very popular villagers in Animal Crossing. They are in no particular order. Are there any villagers you like? Popular villagers are not necessarily rare, but rare villagers are not necessarily popular.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons' autumn update welcomes fans with Halloween-themed content and prepares them for the grand event on October 31.

Since Halloween is only a few weeks away, it is unrealistic for you to buy those items from the Nook Miles Tickets obtained through farming in the game. So to better welcome the arrival of Halloween, it is definitely a wise choice to prepare enough ACNH Bells.

As Halloween approaches, some pumpkin towers and bunting will appear in the nearby Resident Services. Combined with the pumpkin-themed items that players can craft, these decorations will bring a spooky atmosphere to the plaza and the entire island.

On the day of the Halloween event, players can unlock two new reactions, one from Jack and the other from their villagers. These two reactions are Haunt and Scare. These reactions will create a completely independent page, hinting at more reactions coming in the future to fill up the empty slots.

And the scenery on your island is gradually changing. In November, the color of grass and trees will change more drastically, indicating that autumn is fully unfolding. Also, throughout November, players will be able to collect mushrooms. Islanders will also notice that Tea Olive bushes blooming flowers around the same time of the year. If you want to witness it with your own eyes, you can buy Tea Olives on ACBellsBuy and plant them on your island.

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Whether in reality or in games, we all hate cockroaches because they can easily invade the home. They will make your game character look unhealthy and will even greatly reduce the player's Happy Home Academy score.

Cockroaches reproduce very fast, and the only way to solve this problem is to kill them. Fortunately, cockroaches in games are not as destructive as cockroaches in real life. The furniture and house structure will not be damaged, and the character will not get sick or be bitten.

In Animals across new horizons, the most common strategy to eliminate cockroaches is to chase them around and squash them. Cockroaches just walked by or ran past. If there are not too many cockroaches, this method is effective. A lot of Animal Crossing New Horizons Items are needed to do missions in the game, and players will also get rich rewards after completing the missions.

When you encounter a large number of cockroaches, or the location is relatively hidden, it may be tricky for the player to catch cockroaches. These bugs are fast and are good at hiding under furniture, forcing players to move furniture or waiting for the bugs to hide.

Players must check the underside of every piece of furniture in the house by moving or storing furniture to ensure that all cockroaches are killed. However, there is a more effective strategy to eliminate cockroaches, which not only saves time but is also very effective.

In the design mode, it is much easier to just put bulky furniture on top of bed bugs instead of moving bulky beds or tables and squeeze the cockroaches. After pressing the down arrow to enter the design mode, the player can pick up any furniture and use A to hold it in the air, and then place it on any cockroaches generated on the floor. Furniture occupies more space, while players run less. This also helps to eliminate potential hiding places for cockroaches. Using this method, the player will effectively remove multiple cockroaches with minimal effort.

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Old School Runescape is not only a game in the eyes of old players, it is also a link in the game economy industry chain. Because many players have achieved wealth freedom through the economic benefits brought by Old School Runescape. This is not to exaggerate the influence of Old School Runescape.

General players can earn many items in Runescape through various tasks. If you are already comfortable in the game, I believe you will find out the deal here soon.

In Runescape, Grand Exchange is a place where players can purchase the items they need. However, you should have some RS Gold 2007 medals in your account. Because it is your currency for trading various items in the Runescape game.

Sometimes, Runescape is very similar to the stock market, you can make the difference by buying low prices and selling high prices. This is a great way to get enough gold in Runescape. For best results, find items that can be easily purchased within a low budget. Buy and sell them for maximum profit. This is a way that many old players will use.

If you have already acquired a lot of gold, it is best to start investing. Buy rare items, such as tradable holiday items, and sell them at regular intervals. This is the best way to sell it and get a higher value.

When it comes to flipping, the question is which items are best to flip? It is best to use logs, herbs, arrows, food, raw materials, potions, and other items to flip. Besides, if you plan to sell more expensive items but do not have enough money, you can choose a reliable third-party platform to Buy Runescape Gold and then buy the items you want to sell. However, please make sure that the website you are working on is reliable. is mainly used for transactions related to RS products between players, especially OSRS Gold. It ensures your information security, payment security, and fraud protection during the transaction process. It is a platform used by many players. The product information here is open and transparent, and you will not worry about losing yourself. Trade with confidence!

OSRS Gold is the most important currency in Old School Runescape. In the game, you can get faster upgrades through OSRS Gold, and you can also get the transfers or cookies you need. Even some levels require OSRS Gold, so players can hardly do without OSRS Gold in the game.

Many players are unable to invest too much time in the game due to their reasons, so they choose to buy to get a better gaming experience, but will buying OSRS Gold harm their accounts? There are already many online sellers who provide OSRS Gold to players as suppliers, but players need to learn to distinguish the authenticity by themselves to prevent being deceived and affecting their accounts.

When deciding to Buy OSRS Gold with real money, the first thing is to make sure you find a safe place to buy gold. You may be skeptical about what will happen if you buy OSRS gold. Not only the possibility of being banned but also the fear of being deceived. With this in mind, make sure you find a legitimate seller to make a purchase. Study the seller's reputation to understand its legitimacy. You should also look at buying gold at the right price.

Many parts of OSRS require you to use gold. Although you have many ways to get gold by playing games, you may still get this promotion at the expense of your hard money. Therefore, as long as you have followed the steps to make a safe purchase, there will be no problems.

To earn more RS Gold in Old School Runescape, different players will use different methods, which can be obtained in many ways. When you have a certain strength on RS Gold, the RS Gold you earn will become easier.

For novice players, the main way to obtain OSRS Gold is through in-game tasks. Although doing tasks is an important method, it does not have much advantage for novices. New players can only repeat on relatively simple tasks. The difficulty of the task increases as the level of the game character increases. Therefore, this will happen when you do the task. Your level is very low, and the difficulty of the game Has been upgraded, invisibly increasing the difficulty of the game. How to solve it?

Of course, this situation is not only encountered by junior players, but old players will experience it. Old players also become smarter after being abused by Old School Runescape. Everyone will experience elementary tasks, but when we encounter tasks beyond our ability, experienced players are always accustomed to completing tasks with external forces. They will always look for reliable suppliers to OSRS GP For Sale to improve their game level and ability to easily pass levels to get rewards.

Sometimes the rewards of the tasks are not necessarily what you need, but it does not matter. You can sell your rewards through a third-party trading platform in exchange for certain cash or game equipment. RSgoldB2C is a gaming website that has been engaged in RS transactions for many years. For many years, it has always won the trust of players with its sufficient inventory and enthusiastic service.

When trading on RSgoldB2C, you don't have to worry about transaction security, because we have strong encryption technology to protect users' information and transaction security. At the same time, we have a professional customer service team. No matter which product you buy, you can always contact our customers as soon as possible, and complete the transaction quickly without delaying your game time.

Revenant caves, also known as Forinthry dungeons, are a group of caves found in the wilderness. Only members can enter, it is an extremely dangerous cave, ranging from level 17 to level 40 wilderness, and most of it is a multi-war area; only the exit and nearby areas are one-way battles.

Revenant may roam in smaller packages as it did in its 2007 initial release. Again, we are open to this approach, but we believe it will violate our original goal of creating hot spots for PvP content. You buy Cheap RS3 Gold can help players enjoy the game better, provided that you need to find a reliable supplier like RSgoldBuy. You also need to consider how the encounter with the wilderness will affect other players in the wilderness.

Redraw the cave. The cave structure is the source of the problem, confined areas with few access points may help camping and lockdown caves, and a design similar to 2011 may make it more competitive by providing more hiding points and escape routes.

Replace the Bracelet. Delete the item or replace its effect with another type of item. This means that it is not feasible to reside content in a long single session, and if the data suggests that we should adopt this approach, then we will explore it further.

Changing the loot. Usually, we have seen a lot of support for adjusting loot, so the value of loot including RS3 Gold For Sale is based on rare drops rather than continuous rewards in the current state. Other things to explore include canceling Skull rewards and adding new rare and unique equipment to replace resources and assets.

Clan and team are forbidden to lock the area. This refers to tribes and teams that interact with content rather than violate the rules. No consensus has been reached yet. If there is a new update, RSgoldBuy will report to everyone as soon as possible.

Pets are non-combat NPCs loyal to the player, usually obtained from monster drops and skills. Most pets can interact with it. Most pets have no purpose other than aesthetics because most pets are very rare pets in certain boss or skill activities, so they are generally considered prestigious.

When the player receives a disposable pet (such as a boss or skill pet), it will automatically try to appear as a follower. At the same time, the message in the chatbox will show that you have an interesting feeling as if you are being followed. After receiving the pet, a small sound will be heard. If you want to Buy OSRS Gold or other pets, you must make yourself bigger and stronger.

If the player dies in a dangerous situation with a disposable pet (or in its inventory and is not one of the death-protected items), the pet will fall and wander in the area for 30 seconds before spawning. Even if the player returns in time, the pet cannot be picked up.

If the pet is not insured, the player must reacquire the pet. If there is insurance, players can go to Probita and take back their pets for 1,000,000 coins. To ensure the safety of pets, players must visit Probita and pay 500,000 coins. Having sufficient OSRS Gold is essential for players who want pets. Players can still get pets again from their corresponding drop sources, and if they get pets in this way, they will also get insurance.

These pets are obtained by training specific skills, and the chance of obtaining the pet depends on the player's level in the corresponding skills and the basic opportunity to perform the activity. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to RSgoldB2C that is a website that integrates trading and interaction. The best service is only for the best for you!
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