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In buy Elden Ring runes, players can find a plethora of amazing Weapon Ashes to use in their adventures. The mechanic is extremely complex, and it allows players to locate, unlock, and attribute Ashes of War to specific weapons, granting them access to even more skills and abilities tailored to their individual builds as a result. With all of the status effects and elements that float around in the Lands Between, it can be a lot of fun to experiment with different builds and damage types to see what works best.

Those looking to dish out some serious damage with a Lightning-based build will want to make sure they have their hands on some of the best talismans, weapons, and Ashes of War available that deal with the shocking damage type. For example, Lightning Slash, a specific Ash of War, can deal significant damage while also imbuing the user's weapon with the damage type for a short period of time. Here's where players can find Elden Ring runes for sale in Elden Ring runes so that they can begin to stockpile it for later use.

Elden Ring runes: Where Can I Find Lightning Slash Ash of War?
Lightning Slash can be found relatively easily, provided that players know where to look for him. The unfortunate thing is that buy Elden Ring runes is located in a mid-to-late-game area, which means that players will have to travel quite a distance to get to it before they can use it. Finding the Ash of War is possible even for those who are just getting started in the game, but surviving all of the high-level enemies and prowling baddies to retrieve it will be extremely difficult.

Before they can access the Lightning Slash Ash of War, players must first gain access to the Altus Plateau, which is a difficult task. To get to the area, you can take one of two routes: either travel through the Ruin-Strewed Precipice and fight your way past the mighty Magma Wyrm Makar boss, or piece the Dectus Medallion back together. The Grand Lift of Dectus is a great option for those who are a little lower-leveled but still want to get their hands on this Ash of War, as it does not require players to face any difficult bosses on their way up to the expansive zone.

Once on the Altus Plateau, players will want to head north towards Leyndell, the Royal Capital, and past the massive city walls to reach the long road that leads north from the city. Those who have access to the Site of Grace on the Outer Wall Battleground can begin their journey there. Along this road, just outside the walls, players will notice a small hill that extends upward past some spiked barricades and into the distance. An encampment of soldiers has been established at the summit of this small hill, and a Teardrop Scarab has been placed smack-dab in the middle of the camp. Players will be rewarded with the Lightning Slash Ashes of War if they are successful in defeating this quick little creature.

What is the purpose of the Lightning Slash Ashes of War?
In addition, the Lightning Slash can be added to any applicable weapon that can accept an Ash of War, and this will change a player's weapon skill to Lightning Slash, an extremely powerful attack that summons a bolt of lightning and then causes a small AOE explosion when the weapon is swung downward. It's worth noting that the weapon will retain its Lightning-infused damage modifier for a brief period of time after players have successfully used the skill. This allows it to serve as both a damage dealer and a weapon buffer at the same time.

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