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Lost Ark is about to get more multi-gender class options and less exposed armor while retaining existing classes and armor, and the new options will bring more flexibility to players' character builds. Also, as an aside, if you need Lost Ark Gold, you can get Lost Ark Gold for cheap and 100% safe at MMOWTS.com.

While Lost Ark is a hugely popular MMO, that doesn't mean it's without flaws. In terms of classes, it's gender-locked, i.e. fighters are only male and mages are only female, which is actually an old-school approach that doesn't work anymore. Smilegate, a game developer, decided to address the situation by adding more advanced courses that would specialize the use of male and female characters across professions. If you want get more Lost Ark Gold, you can Buy Lost Ark Gold at low prices from MMOWTS.

Among them, the advanced courses of gunmen include gunner, dead eye and sharpshooter, which are all male, while the gunman is female. In addition, in the martial artist profession, only the striker is male, and the fighter, soul fist and samurai are all female. While not a perfect solution, Smilegate has also said that more advanced courses with better gender balance will continue to roll out over time.

Soomin Park, head of franchises at Amazon Games, also explained some relevant information to players. That is, in terms of functionality and animation, categories are closely tied to their character models, so if you want to bring characters of the opposite sex to the class more work than just providing models of different genders right away.

And Smilegate RPG is actively working on this, and the female Berserker has come to the Korean version of the game. While not every class in the current game is gendered, Smilegate RPG will create more counterparts for gender-locked classes in the future.

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