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I'll be buying the berserker's rings as well as prayer-boosting armor. I'm only allowed to benefit from the 15 percent attack and strength bonus prayer though, not yet the chivalry or RS gold piety. Super potions are the recommended item , so what do I need to know? I want to train strength, and you've been saying d scim, the SS, or the korassi's (which I'm currently not able to purchase). I've got RFD gloves but haven't yet got the nez. Is black mask ok until full slayer helm? I'll make use of earmuffs and various head gear until then too. Do you think the prossy hauberk is better than the fighter's torso?

Are there any rules governing when I do not use pots or pray on things that are low levelled? In the event of the task of multi-combat, should I use prayers, pots, and cannon? A friend of mine said that I'd have to do 55 crafts for the slayer's helm and that's even if I'm using points to figure out how to make it. Do you believe that? Is Verac's armor great? It's got a good defense rating as well as a decent prayer bonus. Cloaks, too, give three prayer points. Can I replace one with my skillcape?

You can skip out on your prayer, but it's probably not as speedy. Everyone is giving you tips for the most effective, speediest beating... cutting corners will ultimately result in it being slower, even for lower leveled things. But , whatever works for you. If you're drawn to desert lizards or something similar to Turael, and you're fine. However, you're certainly not going to him.

Verac in full is going to be more in repair cost. This is not really worth it, and less prayer, compared to using the proselyte platebody. The black mask is suitable. Actually, you should be wearing it unless you get an undead-related assignment, where you'll need the salve amulet as well as whatever helmet you'd like to wear.

Another thingto note is that you should have a cannon at all times you can. Even in single combat areas you can hide areas so that the cannon could attack every single thing in the area. Additionally, I'm going to rs 2007 gold suggest using the Brackish Blade, unless the 500k for it is too excessive after all the other items.

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By Alexis
Added Feb 17 '22



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