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Agreed with above, but make a lot of money, might be able to OSRS Gold spend the majority of your time earning money. The process of making money is extremely difficult make on f2p, unless you stake (Which is not easy to acquire kills but it is possible to make millons per hour).

It's really down to personal preference. Magic is the only one that sticks out. Other skills can be learned much more easily in member areas, anyway. I waited for a long time before becoming a member because I was convinced that my level of combat and abilities weren't enough to be worth the cost. Membership isn't only for high levels, but.

If you're looking to cut costs, you should take a break, since freeplay still has things to provide. But don't go for it if you're going to start thinking of it as an chore due it. I'd suggest that when freeplay becomes less fun/as fun, get membership.

Then cannon any task that you think is worth it or for tasks that you aren't (or in the case that you're like me and want combat XP) utilize piety using prayers and super-sets or whatever other prayers are available (which is why you use proselyte or neitiznot legs for the prayer).

A normal slayer's helm has Face Mask, Nose Peg, Spiny Helm, and Black Mask like arham said. To make it a full Slayer helm, you'll have to include a Focus Sight as well as a Hexcrest to Cheap RuneScape 2007 Gold your Slayer helm. Master the general rule for Slayer is to just use your top master, however should you desire the fastest points, then you can perform 9 tasks using Mazchena (sp? ) or the demon in Canifis, and then do your 10th tasks using your master who is the best available (Sumonawith).

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