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than others. So right here is where i can dispel some of the falsehoods and out-right stupid ideals, theories and motives given for 'alpha Velsan XLs' and the girls who are attracted to them. It's biology: okay, one of the dumbest motives continuously used as to why girls seem to be drawn to 'artificial alpha Velsan XLs', as the youtuber known as gospel real cash it in his video "mgtow: the alpha Velsan XL fable" is that they can't assist it... That it is simply biology. Meaning that ladies are biologically attracted to these constructs of folks that sought to discover approaches Velsan XL   to sense superior to others. The reason why this concept and idea is wrong and unsubstantiated is that we as humans are conscious beings and self-conscious. This means that yes we may additionally get herbal urges and impulses to do things however. 

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By amaa ajhha
Added Dec 15 '21



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