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In Path of Exile, if players like to use melee routes to attack, then they’d better choose Duelist. This class can be effective in close contact, but also proficient in long-range methods. A well-balanced class may be the best way to describe Duelist, but if players want a better build, they also need to prepare some POE Currency.

Split Arrow Gladiator. For constructions with high bleeding efficiency, Split Arrow Gladiator is the best choice for players. In a powerful combination of heavy physical damage and bleeding damage, players will cause fatal damage to those in front of them. That it has a quick clearing speed when dealing with endgame maps is just another benefit of this build. It can also fight against the boss very well. If players use Puncture skill gems, the power will be even stronger. The emphasis on bleeding injuries will also release opportunities to take full advantage of evasion. Boss will receive additional damage when chasing players with bleeding damage, which helps them survive in these situations. Players can buy POE Currency to make this version.

Ground Slam Impaler. For some players who have already done some research on Duelist and its construction, they may be familiar with this name. Many consider ground Slam Impaler to be one of the best duelist constructions in the game. The absolute amount of damage it does is always attractive to players, and the gems it comes with further enhance this. Using Ground Slam, Impale, and Shattering Steel to get Call of Steel will further increase the damage. Because of the skill nodes used on surrounding enemies, it can introduce additional impales.

That impal will be punished for a few seconds is not important, because players can kill most enemies with one blow. As a state that can kill most of the enemies, standing behind it at one time means that it also has a very effective survivability. Useful damage output gives players the opportunity to focus more on defense, but if players are looking for some POE Items to help make it, then they need to Buy Chaos Orbs to get useful items.

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