It's funny, ive been playing with the ge for a while from Dragonborn's blog

I would like to know what I need to OSRS Gold do to get this skill (Slay for Abyssal whip, dragon boots Dragonfire shield Bandos chestplate, Berserker rings, barrows to Dharok legs, and crafting to unleash fury.) If I decide to purchase them, I decide to buy them, how would I raise money?

It's funny, ive been playing with the ge for a while and observed that if you sell something at less than the minimum price it is often possible to receive more than what you paid. It goes the same when you buy things at the maximum price. You receive a refund on your money and items.

Although i am aware that many people are aware of this subject I was simply curious and thought about it. The following thoughts also came to my mind. Jagex gives money to ppl? This is why? This is a way for people to earn money. If a person has two accounts and find something they don't buy or sell, can they trade low and buy high and earn more? I know that this would be a lot of work, but i was wondering if this is possible.

Okay, I'm doing the Waterfall Quest and I am stuck.. I've read and followed the Quest Guide correctly. But, this part is not evident: "Now place any weapons or armor in the bank. Go towards the Tombstone of Glarial located northeast of Hadley. To locate Glarial's Amulet, use the pebble you own in it.

All my weapons and armor are in Buy RuneScape Gold the bank. I'm at Glarial’s Tombstone. It says that I have used the pebble, but it does not say: "You place it in the gravestone's small incident. It fits perfectly. It doesn't happen. What's wrong? I've tried an Brazilian bazillion of times. But I'm now stuck on this gravestone. I want to go on with this search. I'm in need of your help. Since I am tired and tired of this I would really appreciate any assistance.

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