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You learn and live... I'm going to RuneScape Gold say that i have had attempts at fraud several times. One most notable was a player wearing a completionist cape asking me to help him in a search for ...'a pressure plate in blood that runs deep'.

I played for a long time standing at the GE bank, eventually telling him i was aware of the ruse and knew there was no pressure pads in B.R.D. He proceeded to log off. He then logged out. He was called lvi SmiIe.

It is now certain that 120 skillcapes are going to be released. The implications: High-level players now have another goal they can pursue if they don't want to become Completionist or Max. Most likely, the stats for the cape are less than those of the Max cape.

Standard 99 skillcapes won't be valued. The Max cape will not be as popular as 120 caps, based on the level of skill of the 120. 120 is about the same amount of XP as 8 99s. This can result in a sexist attitude of cape owners with 120 caps towards players who have 99 skill, which may discourage newer players.

This opens up the possibility of Milestone caps above 99 in future. There's plenty of Buy RS3 Gold debate surrounding this idea and the most common reason being that it promotes excessive, unhealthy gameplay. The community will be more efficient and XP-focused rather than "fun" focused.

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By Bestmengqin
Added Oct 15 '21



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