It's all nice and fine. It's the combination selling spins for money from Dragonborn's blog

You'll find nearly every update, other than OSRS Gold WoFibc's, targeted at your players group entertaining and fun... Yes! Jagex is doing many things right. The reason behind the squeal was due to people complaining about "the grind". Jagex tackled this issue by introducing a system (the "squeal") which lets people choose the level they want (giving away skills lamps as prizes).

It's all nice and fine. It's the combination selling spins for money and giving away the skill lamp for a prize that is the issue. It's also frustrating that there is such a lack of transparency. Jagex shouts bloody murder whenever people participate in RWT but they're operating their own RWT scheme.

Yes, I did read the OP. But I added a different angle to the issue while addressing the key query: Assuming that this bullet pointed listing is/were accurate and that the SoF is not shut down/replaced. Jagex is currently working against (at most) 3 strikes within a highly competitive industry.

An old (10 years+ ) game that despite regular updates & changes over the years, is still widely regarded as a classic not being the "next thing" ( like MOH & Counterstrike - still playing by a lot of players, but not maintained regularly aside from servers that are usually the responsibility of players)

There is a strong bias among gamers against Runescape being "a kids MMORPG". This is based on point 1. The game has been Old School RS Gold updated regularly and maintenance over the years. But, a lot of people won't look for the reason they believe this to be true.

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