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I'm not disputing that 500 dps for an WOW TBC Gold individual boss isn't much, but if you give a cat the same conditions (fast kill time, maximum buffs) they'll get over 1k pretty easily If they've got some gear.

As a feral tank, I'm on the average of 400-500 DPS. With the dorky level 40 hat, you'll have a more powerful cat appearance. If not, then if the other person said is true, and you should simply tank.

Feral tanks are able to swap DPS to item rack and tanks can swap DPS to item racks and DPS cats can use it with ease. The difference in talent between tank and the most effective DPS cat is only two or three points. There is no need to be focused on the feral DPS.

It's true, there is extra utility to bring. And personally I'm pretty laid back and wouldn't care at all whether you're playing at 500-600 DPS when you're grouped with me. I'm only pointing out that tanking has a major benefit.

My problem is that I can't do my entire rotation on certain mobs due to the hunter/mage/lock cleaving all ..... In raids, my overall dps is substantially higher. still not as high as pure dps, of course, but definitely not at the same level as in dungeons.

It's normal. You'll be unable to match AOE. Many people today look at everything as the top parsing circle jerks out there and it's not a big deal. You can be a good DPS tank and then move on to DPS with bosses. Most people only speak BiS and Parse in the current mainstream it takes 10 minutes longer to finish an encounter eased by utility too excessive for them.

Feral is able to refuse to bear any animal, which is very the troll. They do have their crit buff, and they can even innervate. Rogue is only good when they're A-the only one on raid and also have a decent IEA uptime.

Guild requires me to be a Boomkin today and into the time to come, so I'm trying to piece together my Boomie set (was focussed on Resto prior and the set was almost where I wanted it to be). What I have is a mixture of heroic drops, raid discards, and reputation-based purchases. This is particularly the case with HSP. The other groups are "EYE RESERVED". Yes, I'm not the best at this however I'm likely to cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold never be able to finish it in this manner.

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