One of the best things Jagex could do is to remove most of the teleports from Dragonborn's blog

One of the best things Jagex could do is to remove most of the teleports in the game, or make them quite difficult to OSRS Gold use, if not just for basic hub teleportation. The world map has become smaller because of the many teleports.

It would be a good idea to significantly increase the size and variety of everything. The more wilderness areas we have and the more we feel as if we're in a world of fantasy. It is possible to travel from the top of civilisation to the outskirts of badlands. The map's small size will be obvious when it is a decent draw distance. Jagex can assist you minimize that.

Redevelop mountain ranges. There are a few mountains that have an influence: those east and north of Varrock, Burthorpe, South Al Kharid, Ardougne, and North Burthorpe. It would be hugely beneficial to make them more realistic, and to have rivers and streams flow well from them, which would make the map more reliable.

Make the forests massive. You can make them much larger. This is true for swamps, etc. Making them larger the further from civilisation we go would make those areas appear more wild.

The system needs to be overhauled to Cheap RuneScape Gold be compatible with PvP. The current system of combat is far too powerful and offensively-oriented for PvP. Perhaps adding defensive capabilities or lessening the impact of attack abilities, at the very least when playing with other players, is an excellent move in the right direction. I'd be interested in any suggestions from players. Jagex has been at this for quite a while even though it's not at 100% efficiency.

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