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Facebook Ads is simply the advertising that you usually see on Facebook if you have a profile on this social platform.

However, sometimes you will wonder why certain Facebook ads show on your profile page and other specific ads show on a friend's profile page.

Ads on Facebook are placed on the right sidebar of the news feed page, or on Facebook profile pages and/or fan pages, under a heading that is displayed as "Sponsored", in which the nature is clearly visible. of the links.

There are some differences in the design of these ads, since depending on the type of page you are viewing, Facebook Ads can have two formats: horizontal or vertical.

If you hadn't realized that, just take a walk on your own. Despite the difference in formats, there is no functional difference as such.

Understanding how to take advantage of Facebook ads is becoming a staple of almost every social media strategy.


If you want your brand or business publications to be seen on Facebook, it is increasingly likely that you will have to pay to reach the goal with Facebook Ads.

Paid advertising on Facebook seems to be one of the most immediate ways to impact the reach of certain content.

However, it is understandable that you have several questions in mind such as: How well do Facebook Ads work? What kind of commitment do you get by using it?

And perhaps the most important: what can you expect after having invested good money?

If what you need is a guide to activate your campaigns on Facebook, you have come to the ideal place. Stay with us to learn more about this topic.

For further guidance, we leave you this Platzi tutorial.


Facebook Ads is the advertising platform on Facebook by which any company or brand can show their ads to Facebook users. The main differential of this advertising platform is the great power of audience segmentation: demographic information, information on the use of the mobile device, activity on Facebook, and tastes and preferences.

Facebook Ads are of the utmost importance to brands because of the additional reach it gets, as well as the exposure and targeting options available online.

You can run ads on any post you have already done or you can create a new post with the same access using text faces, video, emoji,fancy text generator

For each brand that advertises on Facebook, it is also relevant to be able to segment the performance of social media through paid activities vs. organic.

But how are paid and organic likes calculated?

Paid and organic likes can be analyzed on Facebook Insights' Like Sources.

Like Sources can be seen in the Insights tool or in the Insights data export in the Facebook Statistics segment, where the number of unique (organic) people who liked your page is broken down by location.

You can find the following three sources of paid Likes within Like Sources:

  • Advertisements.

  • Mobile ads.

  • Sponsored Stories.

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