Head to Ardougne, and you'll see some paladins fighting with elf warriors from Dragonborn's blog

Now you see a cutscene taking place on the maximum tower of the Prifddinas citadel. Lord Iorworth looks down upon the burning woods and recieves a messenger hawk informing him that OSRS Gold the Kandarin invasion has started.

Head to Ardougne, and you'll see some paladins fighting with elf warriors. Head to the castle and you also find a scene with King Lathas telling the council that they need to grant him emergency authority, which means he can direct Ardougne during this hour. Such authority could allow him full control of the militia, in addition to ability to use Wizard Cromptery's new invention. Cromptery is not certain, but is going to vote to give King Lathas's request.

You appear and tell them the facts about King Lathas, however, the council doesn't believe you at first. She pulls her out samples from Biohazard and tells the Council which King Lathas was caging upward West Ardougne for no reason. Several rebel elves, including Eluned, look now and ask Wizard Cromptery to inspect the spell that King Lathas had put in his new invention.

Lathas refuses, therefore Cromptery Telegrabs it and discovers that there is a powerfully dark revival spell inside it. King Lathas, at level 68 strikes you. Beat him and he'll surrender. As you drag him away, he reveals that he was playing possum and telegrabs Cromptery's innovation and casts the resurrection spell to summon a guy you only though you murdered: Iban, dun dun duuunn.

Together with his powers in the Underground , Iban is feeble, but greater than strong enough to cast a spell on everyone except you, the king, and Eluned, that turns them to stone. This time, they're way stronger, and may use a variety attack as well as melee. Iban himself uses Iban Blast and a melee attack. The demons distribute throughout Ardougne to assault it, while Iban deals with you. He is level 189. Eluned will fight too, but her attacks are feeble. She'll cast some healing spells on Cheap RS3 Gold you every now and then, however.

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