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I have never used a darkbow, and I don't know 70 range. I am just following what others told me. Although I am sorry to OSRS Items say that you aren't knowledgeable about range, and I wouldn't be able to be able to trust you with my money. A bonus that is higher in range does not make you hit harder, just more accurately. The dark bow is not slow, I have witnessed it. It takes 10 seconds to snatch someone's hammer, not about 4-5-6 seconds required to fire with the dark bow. And you only need 60 ranged to wear a dark bow. T... more
Bestmengqin Oct 23 '21 · Tags: runescape
You learn and live... I'm going to RuneScape Gold say that i have had attempts at fraud several times. One most notable was a player wearing a completionist cape asking me to help him in a search for ...'a pressure plate in blood that runs deep'. I played for a long time standing at the GE bank, eventually telling him i was aware of the ruse and knew there was no pressure pads in B.R.D. He proceeded to log off. He then logged out. He was called lvi SmiIe. It is now certain that 120 skillcapes are going to be released. The... more
Bestmengqin Oct 15 '21 · Tags: runescape
Before the dungeoneering update as well as the rewards that came with it, imo the shortbow of OSRS Items maple was the most commonly employed. People cited reasons such as a fast attack speed and decent damage as reasons as to why they chose it over longs made of maple. While maple longbows are not common, I was fortunate to meet one at Clan Wars FFA. The longbow's length was longer for him, and he used the range to shoot me, while my shorterbow could not. Other types of bows, such as the crossbow were less, with composite... more
Bestmengqin Aug 22 '21 · Tags: runescape
After agitation by death I headed to RuneScape Gold the barrows to look over the prices. I was not thrilled by how many times they shuffled. But, I was of the opinion that many of them had exchanged their value so that I could make the same amount of money as two years before. I quit right away after I had 94 magic which is why I decided to try it.I went on 13 trips to obtain a Dharok helm. I only remembered that it was five miles away from analyzing GE, so my initial reaction was "WTF?"  But I had only 3m total item... more
Bestmengqin Aug 11 '21 · Tags: runescape