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The differences between the two most common optical components are often confusing. A mirror is an object with a silvery backing, while a lens is a transparent substance with a spherical or curved surface. They help to produce images by reflecting light. The difference between the two is most easily seen by looking at the ray diagram. This illustration shows how lenses bend light, resulting in an image. The main difference between a lens and a reflective mirror is the shape of the surfaces.Precision lens manufacturing A mirror is a ... more
Optical components are electronic devices that convert light into electrical signals. There are hundreds of different types and configurations of these components. These devices can be divided into two basic categories: transmissives and reflectives. Many of these optical devices use a substrate material that enhances their performance. The cost, durability, and image accuracy of these components are all important factors to consider when designing an optical system. Here are some common uses of optical components. Optical systems a... more
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Syntec Optics is an industry leading custom polymers optics manufacturer. Although ultimately serving most markets, Wordingham Technologies focuses on custom optics optical components for: Astronomy, Engineering/Aviation, Consumer Products, and Security. The company was founded in 1990 with the goal of creating products that would simplify the complex processes involved in Optics research and development. In the last decade, the company has expanded to include a full array of product lines for all of the markets listed above.custom o... more
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