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It can take a bit of getting familiar with at first but playing the minigame on the Blast Furnace is simple. To OSRS GP utilize the furnace you must follow these steps: Then, deposit your ore onto the conveyor belt. Then, run down the ramp by a bucket of water or gloves made of ice. Let your bars cool down before you bank them. Speed is important here therefore, make sure you wear gear that reduces weight as you journey through the Blast Furnace. If you are a player who is less than 60 smithing it, you'll require stamina p... more
Alexis May 19 '22 · Tags: osrs gp
Members will be able to experience a world three times more expansive, as well as "make your own home and port" features. This will also be a part of OSRS GP the game's loyalty programme too. Jagex is releasing a new update for RuneScape this week as players will have to deal with the brand new Abyssal Slayer Creatures. The shorthand to the new information is that it's here to provide you various methods and strategies to help train your Slayer skill up to 120, collecting items, abilities and various rewards. For clarity I... more
Alexis Mar 21 '22 · Tags: osrs gp
I'm not great with EoC and therefore I may not be aware of everything that is available in actions bar. You can either link any ability you want to or it can be an inventory area (this assists in OSRS GP clearing logs, and also eating). If you'd like linking an ability, go to the tab range/melee/magic on the interface, and move one of your combat capabilities to the bar for action. Drag an inventory space onto it, if you wish to connect it in the Action Bar. I'm not sure you can connect summoning scrolls with it however, I... more
Alexis Mar 10 '22 · Tags: osrs gp
What armor should I wear? Keep in OSRS GP mind this is not a F2P. My current account is 150K thanks to a person who gave me 500K, and 56K cooked or raw food (all kinds but mostly or all food that is raw) after I had said "buying fresh food" I was up in the castle at Lumbridge, using my new account , burning log spawns. This got me to 20 FMing. Some other people gave me items like iron 2hs. (people clean out banks, and giving me random shizzle) and other items. The man at Varrock large bank gave me 13 bronze bows with eight... more
Alexis Feb 23 '22 · Tags: osrs gp