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Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite are the two top contenders when it comes to business optimization in the Cloud. While the two platforms share a variety of similar features and applications, administrators know that there are some specific differences between the two Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) productivity platforms.For administrators looking to migrate data from G Suite to Office 365, making cautious considerations about platform differences can make the transition run smoother. Microsoft offers an Office 365 Onboarding... more
rahel May 10 · Tags: office 365, migration
darren mark
The office is a productivity suite, developed and maintained by one of the biggest companies, market leaders in technology, Microsoft Office. You must already have gotten your answer, Microsoft is not just another company that poses to be developing great software with just a team of 100 members but Microsoft is a big company that needs to keep its reputation and work always on par with the revenue they are getting. This means they need to hire the best people to get the job done and that’s how it works in Microsoft. There is no issu... more
darren mark Jun 11 '21 · Comments: 1 · Tags: office 365, install office
Eliana Jones
There might be a time when you want to uninstall a version of Office or one of its applications from your device. But you cannot do so because of certain technical issues with the program. In this situation, you might come across various kinds of error messages such as “Office cannot be installed” or error messages may show up on your screen. One of the commonly faced error messages is “Error code 30029”. Although restarting the device may help at times, it will not help you always. To get rid of this error, I am sharing ... more