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The tryhards will need to quit spending 100s of bucks on mutpacks first, that would help. I take pride not giving some money that they don't deserve to EA. People can say let's boycott all they need but theres going to be enough people who spend a literal shit load with Mut 21 coins this game to make up for all of the copies never bought. It is not gonna really make a difference. This mindset is EA will continue to ngaf concerning the communities complaints and shit will not change. It's the truth. I'd love for ea to repair their... more
Weiweismart Nov 22 · Tags: mmoexp
That doesn't sound like a bad thought to my ears although I really don't know much about programming. I work for an ecommerce business and program our site. We use something similar, we put up templates to our parts to fit into and our advertising staff updates the data with an internal program. They use the tool and input the information, when they include a new part for sale. I would imagine it would be possible for a game such as this Mut 21 coins to be built around a internal tool that is similar. I have stated this on power t... more
Weiweismart Nov 17 · Tags: mmoexp