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The way he performs in these positions are out in  FIFA 23 Coins comparison to what's happening in the current world of football However, that's FIFA and overly leaning on players from the past for you. As a matter of fact and focusing on these 20 best players you can right now sign and play in FIFA 23. The number of times he's put up Haaland this season. Yes it's ridiculous that FIFA's stats program excludes the Norwegian hitman from the list. Druyne will probably end the year on 30 league assist. A Brazilian who ha... more
However, this isn't entirely negative. Kulusevski is a very well-rounded card that has good 80+ stats in virtually every area that is FIFA 23 Coins relevant (including an impressive 87 long shots to cut in the wing shots) as well as plenty of speed and agility. With the addition of upgrades and the full length statistic from Architect and Architect, you'll have a bit of a monster of a player on your hands. It's up to you whether it's worth around 200k this very early. Kulusevski's Base Card before (it began with our very f... more
This could have turned into FIFA 23 Coins a “wishlist” but the reality is that it’s going to take some time to iron out the logic that plagues the series. Poor off the field AI isn’t limited to just FIFA, as it also plagues FIFA, but it’s time that both series make the leap. Sure, every career mode player doesn’t want an ultra realistic playthrough with house rules, but improvements in these areas mentioned above would benefit the most hardcore of sim players as well as those just looking to have fun with the game. This wa... more