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I have not played in like a year, but from memory, the quickest way to bring in money from battle in f2p is by OSRS gold amassing huge bones, which gives you perhaps 30k a hour? There aren't any high-level NPCs to kill which give drops that are rewarding. Lesser demons would give maybe 10-15k an hour. So the F2P player would spend approximately 3 hours making 100k from battle drops. The P2P participant has a much larger collection of options. They can collect dragon bones from plants and make maybe 100k an hour. Or they could jo... more
Usually, the most profitable herb to create unfinished RS gold potions is from Snapdragons that are fresh due to their constant need. In the time of this writing, Snapdragons had over 220 coin profit margin per potion created, as well as 5,000 potions each hour, this can be easily a six-figure money maker.It's no surprise that Skeletal Wyverns are on this record because they drop a lot of alchable things, piles of skilling items and the chance for a Draconic Visage. Locating a spot that is free can be challenging during peak hours,... more
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