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The most important thing to be cautious about FIFA 23 Coins is ensuring that you don't remove the Lengthy status from players who have it as default. Utilizing chemistry techniques that improve agility are a good way to do this, as players could be at the edge of the required requirements. If you're looking to check if one of the styles in chemistry will add or eliminate the Lengthy type, just confirm their stats using the specifications above with particular attention paid to the Strength-Agility calculation. This is all... more
Kulusevski's card as a base (it was first FIFA 23 Coins introduced in our initial Premier League team), but not the SBC version. Yep, the card can be quite long, which makes it much more usable than similar cards in the past. We've also found that wingers who have bursty speed is still more beneficial. Longer is more suitable for wingbacks and fullbacks. Fortunately, the ninth position is pretty straightforward and Vlahovi? being the most obvious candidate. Likewise, Di Maria is the best right-winger in the club, but the... more