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I had been wondering about that and that I looked around the item databases of many websites. . .This one website said that it costed 0 gp to RS gold purchase an Armadyl godsword from the general store which is definitely not possible so I guess they supposed N/A or did they mean that you can't purchase it in the general store? And many other items which are typical like bows and such appear to follow the"multiply by 4" rule like if you sell for 1 gp, they then sell it for 4 gp and etc.. Please inform me the rule or something that is communal for all things so that I can place my curiosity in the rest or that I probably could begin selling all my items to the entire store and purchasing them ...

Ok, this tome I want help with the treasure trails.I understand if u have one already in inventory or lender, you wont recieve one. And that it takes a while to complete it. Even when I try to modify lvl of clue scroll, again nuttin. I dont even have one in inventory or my lender. If any one can tell me please respond. Im running low on cash recently so I was wondering whether any one could tell me a few hints. (seee stats under for imformation).I only got a 69 dagganoths slayer job, is it worth doing? Can this job be simple enough to complete or would I be near departure and/or be not hitting quite well... Anyone stating use d scimmy it hits better is getting a big fat worn, I don't have one, I am probably not ever going to cheap RuneScape gold and I've not done monkey madness... I really need this help fast, in case you have any info, please post. Any other information on dagganoths would be very helpful aswell. I have no experience fighting them...

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By Smarthuiyuan
Added Nov 10



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