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Global Pet Food Market Overview

Global Pet Food Market has seen latest developments which include the increased health consciousness for pets which has generated demand for pet food free from sugar, grain, dye, and other chemical additives. Heavy influences from human nutrition are driving research toward better and safer food for pets with high nutritional and dietary benefits. Pet food manufacturing companies are using automation technologies such as advanced production lines and software solutions to improve safety and operational efficiency. These technologies automate formulation, batching, drying, coating and liquid delivery processes. This results in cost-effective processing and consistent product quality. Animal-based ingredients are also being used to enhance the nutritional value of the pet food. Meat increases the palatability of the pet food, and hence, improves the digestion of pets. Fishbones are included in pet food, as they provide calcium and phosphorus. Key manufacturers are focusing on utilizing fish as animal derivatives in pet foods, as they are a rich source of vitamin A & D and omega-3. The benefits provided by omega-3 fatty acids for pets include improving the coat and skin health, regulating the immune system, improving the cognitive function in older pets, and lowering of the blood pressure.

According to 6Wresearch, the Global Pet Food Market size is projected to witness tremendous growth during 2019-25. North America holds the maximum revenue share in the global pet food market owing to the presence of pet-friendly regulations in the hospitality sector. The Asia Pacific region has registered significant growth in the pet food market and is expected to account for the largest market revenue pie of the global pet food market during the forecast period due to rising pet adoption rates.

Key Highlights of the Report:-

·         Global Petfood Market Overview

·         Global Petfood Market Outlook

·         Global Petfood Market Forecast

·         Market Drivers and Restraints

·         Global Pet Food Market Price Trends

·         Global Pet Food Market Trends and Industry Life Cycle

·         Porter’s Five Force Analysis

·         Market Opportunity Assessment

·         Global Pet Food Market Share, By Regions

·         Global Pet Food  Market Share, By Players

·         Global Pet Food Market Overview on Competitive Benchmarking

·         Company Profiles

·         Key Strategic Recommendations

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