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Many people pick a medically supervised weight reduction program when looking for a weight loss program that works. It may be advised by their family physician for some, but even if it is not, it is a wise decision based on good reasons. Most health care providers agree that reducing 1-2 pounds each week is the best method to attain a weight reduction goal.

However, many people get too concerned about losing weight, maybe in preparation for a particular occasion that is just around the way. They may starve themselves, use harmful diet medicines, or exhibit eating problem behavior. There are methods to reduce weight without further harming our bodies, and working with a doctor is a great way to make sure weight loss is healthy.

Some very complicated methods may even necessitate hospitalization for a week to a month or longer, depending on how much weight must be reduced. This is normally reserved for the severely obese, when medical concerns may occur as a result of the weight reduction. 

Of course, the advantages of this are that if something goes wrong, the patient is already under the care of nurses who will be there at the first indication of a problem. While on a weight loss program, being supervised by a doctor may help to eliminate any major concerns that may arise. 

Your doctor can closely monitor your body via blood work and urine testing to determine if you are properly eliminating toxins from your body while you burn fat. For these reasons, people with serious medical issues should only lose weight under the supervision of a doctor.

Managing weight reduction requires a comprehensive strategy that includes portion control, health monitoring, exercise, food, medications, and lifestyle changes. At West Point Aesthetics Center, the best Sculptra Butt Lift, our medical weight management procedures are intended to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

By adopting the advice and supervision of our healthcare professionals, you may reach your weight-loss goal and move to a healthy lifestyle. Call 909-281-9512 or 909-281-9513 for more information, or go to

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