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Anyone see the ramifications of the bot busting update? I'd exchange my rapier for a maul now and a ZS, it is so stupid. I try going frost dragons, I head out first because I wasn't sure about OSRS gold fire, next trip looks sucessful - until, whups! Mother fudger puts up his deflection protect the minute my rapier hits. Actually, now I think of it, SoSolid should put up a maxing vid of him trying to kill himself (using the Frost Dragon shield...) lol.

Yep, thats the way you die. I know this takes out bots, however, to be honest - I'd rather have 5 billion bots there then how this is. I just lost ~400k in bones due to this. Screw Jagex - I can't even be bothered. They're only allowing FT/W only because they care for gold farmers (yeahthey took out Gold4rs. Big whup. I notice they are not persueing gold4fun) Personally, this is undermining all the support I'd about Jagex whatsoever. Once Modern Combat 3 comes out (it's an app), I am likely unsubscribing.

But, for future people: If you do not have super antifire, get a DFS/Anti-drag shield. If you're scared of dieing, do not go at any type of boosts, e.g. Turmoil/Extremes otherwise you will wreck yourself. You are going to want it, I promise you. Watch the hell out for melee strikes. RS Wiki and other idiots say that range is poor, so not true. Melee are also a large killer (melee the drags themselves utilize ). Be ready to die. Jagex is finally redeeming Frost Dragons as potential killers. If you anger readily (erm...) be prepared to.

The tv musical comedy-drama Glee recently added a personality, Sugar Motta, who says whatever she desires, but is quick to argue that she has"self-diagnosed Asperger's." Andrew Kaczrowski of Alexandria knows first-hand the fact of Asperger's syndrome is significantly different than what is lightly depicted on the TV show. Kaczrowski has Asperger's, a high-functioning form of autism that affects a individual's ability to interact and communicate effectively with other individuals. It's challenging, he notes, but he manages having a good comprehension of his disability and by surrounding himself with people who are sensitive to his needs.

Looking back, Kaczrowski now realizes there were signs of Asperger's ancient on. Adopted at the age of 18 weeks, he grew up in Marshall, where his father was a family practice doctor. Kaczrowski, together with cheap RS gold two sisters and a brother, that were also adopted, spent a lot of time in the family's lake house near Alexandria. At a young age he did things that made him exceptional, like writing the numbers 1 through 1,000 in school, when many kids are working on writing numbers up to 100. And when his parents asked him,"How was school?" The lively kid replied by reciting, word-for-word, what the teachers stated throughout the afternoon.c

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