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After completing the main story in Lost Ark and fully leveling up the first character, you will definitely want to level up another character in the shortest time possible. I'm glad Power Pass can makes your wish come true right now.<br>

The Power Pass is a rare consumable as its name suggests. It enables fast transport of characters up to level 50 by simply retelling the story. Players looking to fill their character roster will be able to skip all the same areas and cutscenes with a Power Pass, which is certainly the highest-level alternative for players. It's worth noting that Power Pass just makes your leveling process easier, it doesn't let you skip all the work.<br><br>

First you need to know how to get Power Pass<br>

If you're scouring the auction house when starting your first character and trying to get your first Power Pass, you're doing it wrong. You can only win them by your own efforts.<br>

After finishing the "Gift of Erin" quest in North Fern, you have completed the Lost Ark main quest. At this point, you will get your first Power Pass. You can find your Power Pass token automatically sent to you in your in-game mailbox. After that, just make it available to the alternate character you want to level up. But this is just the beginning of the whole process.<br>

Lost Ark also gets you a second Power Pass, assuming you want to boost another alt to level 50. After using the first Power Pass, the game will send the second Power Pass to your in-game mailbox. Since it will be the last Power Pass you currently get, in order to avoid unnecessary waste, I recommend that you keep this one. Because each account is limited to two Power Passes and you are not sure which class needs to use it.<br>

Because Power Passes can't be purchased in the Cash Store yet, that means the two Power Passes the game gives you is the only way you can get it.<br><br>

How Power Pass works in Lost Ark<br>

. In order to skip the trouble, many players often choose to buy level boosters that are charged in the game. But Power Pass in Lost Ark is very different from similar items in other games, it's free.<br>

You'll unlock Adventurers Path after using the Power Pass, but your character won't jump to level 50 right away. The purpose of Adventurers Path is to get you to the top level faster, through an alternate, accelerated quest chain. The game will guide players along paths without cutscenes and grinds, helping players achieve a short retelling of Lost Ark's main story. More importantly, these quests give the player an overview of the context of a character's class. After players complete the Adventurers Path, equipment that can challenge the content of the final game will be given to them as a reward.<br>

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Lost Ark offers methods including Power Passes to quickly get your character to level 50, and here's everything players need to know about those methods.

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