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Lost Ark, as one of the most anticipated games in the near future, will be released through Steam on February 11 next year. Its new server will be located in Brazil. By then, Brazilian players will be able to play this game with a lower and more stable Ping value.

At that time, you are likely to fall into despair in an instant when you create a character interface. Because, you will be able to choose between five categories, and these categories are divided into several sub-categories. Therefore, the game provides you with as many as 15 specializations! This is an exciting option for players who have played this game and players who have not played this game, and no matter which specialization it is, any specialization will be fine as long as it is properly constructed. Become very powerful.

In the past few weeks, the creators of Lost Ark have introduced five of these specializations in their animated short film series Heroes of Aksia. The duration of this clip video is no more than one minute. If you like this anime style very much, you can Buy Lost Ark Gold search for this short film series.

Developers have also taken many preventive measures for occupations with their own expertise and skills that players want to see in the game.

For example, in the game, the warrior is the strong player in Aksia. Although they may not have the fastest speed, when they come forward, they will use their devastating skills to make up for their mobility. Moreover, through three advanced courses, you can further shape the fighter to achieve a balance between offense and defense, and you can also equip him with your favorite characteristics. In addition, there are many careers that are worth trying and exploring.

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