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That evening we had to divide and go to hotels that OSRS gold were closer to the airports we were leaving out of the morning after. Water_is_Nat and yet another wonderful participant joined us for dinner. Then we exchanged contact information and it was time for bed because we had to get up early and grab planes back into our life. I am likely to include exceptional thanks to a few Jagex staff members. This list should really be about 10 times more than what it'll be since everyone was amazing. So although just a couple names are on here, I've got much love and admiration for everyone.

Mark Gerhard and Andrew Gower - Thank you so much for inviting us over. The trip was amazing. We appreciated you taking the time to answer our questions and were glad you were able to take some time out to join us for some meals. You are equally easy to speak to and made us feel very welcome. Thanks again! Mod Hohbein - You assisted us physically get from one spot to another and looked out for us throughout our visit. You are great! Mod Paul M - You jumped us out to select a test drive?!?!One of my very best childhood memories. I believe I started in 2002 too. It had been RS2D, or back then, only"RuneScape". There were just 4 servers when I started with about 1200 players. . I was 12yrs old I believe. I was hooked. Subsequently made my first clan site and that's what made me super intensely into innovative web development till world of warcraft rolled around and that became my new habit per year after its launch. I just checked. RS has 136,000 players online. That's pretty unbelievable.

Nice to see there are individuals here who played with the game around same time as me. I began in 2001, before they introduced The Wilderness and Runite lol. Was my very first encounter using an MMO and man was it addictive despite having to run the game on a 56k dial up connection. Those were much easier days. I got hooked as well. Went PKing in the Wild in Varrock and Edgeville. This was a few of my very best online memories. I am interested, are you in web development or some kind of computer science discipline today? I am half expecting you to say"and that's exactly what made me launch my own company doing X" but that I half expect you to say"World of Warcraft forever destroyed that fantasy" since you got in so deep.

I did it as a hobby for several years as a teenager. I wished to go into computer science but ended up joining the army at 19. Did that for 6yrs. It kept me busy. . Then after the military, I needed to go to college for computer science but was always having financial and living hardship. I worked for a few tech companies after the army, one as an actual web developer making WordPress plug-ins for a marketing company in my late 20s, but had been laid off with old school rs gold half of the devs two weeks to it. Subsequently did ab for a while hoping to conserve money for college like that, but trucking sucked and that I had to quit a few companies due to them screwing me on pay, having me drive unsafe trucks. . So I got into security. That didn't pay much.

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By Kin Gang
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