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Green box size will vary. The higher Nba 2k22 Mt the dunk rating and the player's position will increase the probability of completing the move.

If your opponent is protecting the paint, it'll most likely result in a more difficult finish. Specialties and traits like Lob City Finisher and Fearless Finisher give players special boost when trying to finish dunks at the rim.

The dunk score and requirements will be based on the height and attribute list of the player. The player should have at minimum an 84-inch driving dunk and 70 or higher for vertical ratings in order to make an official contact dunk or alley-oop.

They should also have at least a 92-inch standing dunk as well as 80 or more in their vertical rating to complete elite dunk packages, such as poster dunks and 360-degree jams.

It is necessary to trigger on the R2 or RT trigger, and then hold the right stick towards the hoop and then execute the a two-hand dunk. The two-hand dunk is among of the simplest dunks you can perform during NBA 2K22.

The move should be executed cheap 2k22 mt at the end of a fast break, and when your paint's free of opponents. It is advised to choose the player who has a greater dunk rating and vertical, such as LeBron James or Kevin Durant, for this move.

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