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For Diablo 2 players, it's always fun for them to farm the various game items in the game. And at Diablo 2 Resurrected, this tradition has not changed. This also means that veteran players of the original game will come up with good countermeasures based on their experience, while new players may need some hints. By the way, to purchase D2R Items, visit MMOWTS now for the best price!

Areas in Diablo 2 have area levels like most ARPGs, and most monsters in the area are within that level, while Champions and bosses may be a level or two higher. In Diablo 2, the highest area level is level 85. Monsters in the level 85 area have a chance to drop almost any game item. So, for players who want to build high-end gear, they need to find a suitable level 85 build area.

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Of these, Chaos Sanctuary is considered the most popular farm location in Diablo 2. The area has a good density of monsters, and players face Diablo himself in the final battle. For players who prefer to kill bosses to end their scavenging missions, Chaos Sanctuary offers more fun and less complexity. Also, it's important to note that Chaos Sanctuary has more lightning and fire immunity than most other areas, so be careful to avoid using fire or lightning builds when farming this area.

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