A special mention is due to Dharok's set from Alexis's blog

I'm not great with EoC and therefore I may not be aware of everything that is available in actions bar. You can either link any ability you want to or it can be an inventory area (this assists in OSRS GP clearing logs, and also eating). If you'd like linking an ability, go to the tab range/melee/magic on the interface, and move one of your combat capabilities to the bar for action.

Drag an inventory space onto it, if you wish to connect it in the Action Bar. I'm not sure you can connect summoning scrolls with it however, I could be wrong. One thing about EoC I'd like to tell you when you first start playing is to dual wield (weapons using each hand) or employ a dual-wield weapon to ensure maximum damage This means that things like whips (dirt cheap these days and incredibly cheap) isn't going to be very effective unless you're using an off-hand version also. It's a good idea to have some luck, that it's going to be a bit of a shock since there's been numerous major changes.

Hey Midaves How's it going? There are plenty of things I could say to you about, but these are the most important. The first is to avoid the old gear sets or anything. What was good 3 years ago could be mediocre today.

Barrows Armour: Verac's Set is the most affordable, costing only a little over 1,000,000 coins on the Grand Exchange. It gives a prayer bonus which can be beneficial if you Slay using Piety on (I'm guessing you don't have Turmoil) Another set is Guthan's set, which is able to heal pretty well when you suffer damage from it. It eliminates the need for food at several places.

A special mention is due to Dharok's set. It has an interesting special featurewhich is that the less your health gets the higher your health will drop. It's fun to play with it sometimes. Advantages (Barrows): Set effect, Cheap. Cons: They degrade. If you die and decide not to cheap RS gold protect your armour, the armour will completely degrade and repair the entire set will cost around 200k or more.

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