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Draken's medal is a reward for the pursuit of Taste of Hope.After the Father's sin is completed, it can be teleported to Ver Sinhaza and Darkmeyer infinitely. You cannot teleport to the wilderness above level 20.

The main purpose of the commemorative badge is to conveniently transport it to the Bloody Theater. In addition, the transfer location is close to the bank, which makes the medal easier to obtain, but the effect is not good.

Players can get an unlimited amount of money from Kyle Forshaw (or Ivan Strom after completing his father's sins) in the old Myrek's hideout under the trapdoor in the northern room of the old Lal's house. Commemorative badge. In order to play the game better, you need to Cheap Old School RS Gold in exchange for the weapons you need to help yourself.

The Darkmeyer branch is a sequel to Seergaze's legacy and the fifth installment in the Myreque mission series. During the search, you can go to Darkmeyer, the city of vampires, and find a blistered wood tree that can harm vampires, and is therefore blocked by Lord Drakan. At the same time, Vanstrom Klause's mission is to destroy the entire Myreque and is eager to do so.

Dark, wild shapes haunt Burgh de Rott's suburbs with terrible, unnatural agility, and there are rumors that Vanstrom Klause himself will never be able to Spared. Veliaf and other Myreque patients noticed these symptoms and were worried about an impending attack. Safalaan is already occupied by busy people, and the number of people is low, and the equipment is insufficient, so Myreque must ask you for help again.

For this, you must enter the baroque streets of Darkmeyer. Vampire City. With the help of unexpected sources, you must infiltrate the upper echelons of the vampire society and find the last remaining blister wood tree, which is tightly guarded in the dark heart of the city, its branches and even the mighty Willer The bane of water watches.

After completing this operation, you will be able to create a weapon that can end this imminent threat before everything disappears, and will put Myreque in a better position to end the war once and for all. You may defeat the enemies lurking in the shadows, and the rewards may be huge, including experience books, new weapons, and items that transport their carriers to Barrow. RS Gold 2007 can be used to exchange any items, including experience books, new weapons, and items that transport its carriers to Barrow. You will definitely Use it and prove it is the most practical.

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