I am a runner for about 5 hours during the weekend from Alexis's blog

What armor should I wear? Keep in OSRS GP mind this is not a F2P. My current account is 150K thanks to a person who gave me 500K, and 56K cooked or raw food (all kinds but mostly or all food that is raw) after I had said "buying fresh food" I was up in the castle at Lumbridge, using my new account , burning log spawns. This got me to 20 FMing.

Some other people gave me items like iron 2hs. (people clean out banks, and giving me random shizzle) and other items. The man at Varrock large bank gave me 13 bronze bows with eight oak logs along with a handful of other items. I burned the logs and I got to 21 FMin. This makes something else come to mind.

When you guys were noobs did anyone ever aid you? Like by giving money or being a guide or an everlasting friend? Does free trade really disappear for F2P? My account was created 2 weeks ago, are I secure? What is the time frame 40/40/40 plus 50 range/mage take for me?

And lastly, do you have any siblings who frequently appear and do something or someone you trust to let em wc or something while you're in the washroom or something.I am aware that this is a problem however, if you are able to consider them trustworthy... And if they just pop up and flip the screen around, what will you do?

I am a runner for about 5 hours during the weekend, so be aware of that when you're giving yourself time. It's not an issue for anything. I've learned that if want to make money, you must work hard to earn it... without begging or soliciting. It's all about skill, and eventually it comes! But, if I were to give me 10 million... I might take it. I feel more relaxed when I complete something and get to my goals. Also, if someone was to buy RuneScape gold offer you something like 10 million, would you take it?

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By Alexis
Added Feb 23



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