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If you're after high reputation in Burning Crusade, nothing else can match the fame of the famous Netherwing. There's an obvious reason for this, the Nether Drakes, which is probably the first good-looking mount everyone wants to own.

By participating in the third stage of the TBC Classic, you will have the opportunity to acquire this beautifully-looking mount. The Wings are a TBC faction based in Shadowmoon Valley. To gain their prestige, you can do so by completing quests, repeating turns in, and daily activities. Even if you don't think this mount is worth getting, these daily TBC Classic Gold quests you do every day will give you a lot of WOW Classic Gold.

The Netherwing is unlocked when you raise your Netherwing reputation from Hateful to Exalted. Shadowmoon Valley is your main area for prestige quests, and it's located in the southeast between Dragonmaw Keep and the Sanctuary of the Stars. When you want to start working towards acquiring a new mount, you may notice that your reputation level with Voidwing is Hated. However, it's not a big deal, it's normal.

Your first prestige level goal is to be neutral, you only need to spend about 45 to 1 hour to complete the corresponding quest chain.

Not only does the Void Drake look good, but when you acquire it, your movement speed will also Buy WOW TBC Gold increase, which can help you travel between regions and track quest routes faster.

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